Internship Update!

When I last blogged about the internship search, it was early January and I had just completed my first interview in nearly 5 years. Well, thankfully it wasn’t my last one, and the fun continued through January and March, pretty much non-stop. I came from a consulting background so I knew I wanted to try something different this summer. For the most part, that means I recruited for everything but finance.

Looking back, I should have been MORE targeted with my career search, and should have focused on high tech and general management. Without that focus, I ended up applying for too many companies and sometimes interviewing with organizations that weren’t the right fit for me. It was still a great learning experience, and will certainly make me a much better job searcher going forward.  So this may be something to keep in mind as you navigate the MBA career search.

Spring Term 1 was definitely one of the busiest of the school year. Balancing interviews, a full course load, and travel for second-round interviews is not a fun game. I had several first-round interviews on-campus in Durham and then traveled everywhere from Charlotte, Boston, Palo Alto, Seattle, and Buffalo for second-round interviews.

In the end, I decided that I wanted to try something totally different from anything I had done before … I am headed out to Silicon Valley to work for a growing high tech company! As a native southerner from Atlanta, I am excited to live in California and try out a whole new high tech world.

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