Photo Journal: Week-in-Cities, Seattle

I took advantage of the recent Fall Break to unwind after a demanding Term 1, and I embarked on the Week-in-Cities trek to Seattle. Fuqua offers Week-in-Cities trips during school breaks as an opportunity for students to explore an industry and visit companies. It’s an amazing chance to speak to employees and really get a feel for the culture of a company, all while bonding with your classmates. Other students went to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas to experience consulting, banking, healthcare, marketing, luxury brands, and net impact.

Our high tech trek to Seattle included 70 students and we visited Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks. We spent 3 gorgeous days in the city:

70 Fuqua students went on the trip.

70 Fuqua students went on the trip!


Eating delicious falafel.


Sightseeing in Seattle.


Browsing through the city.


Visiting Amazon.


Devouring late-night sweets.


Touring the Microsoft campus.

mba students at microsoft

Playing with the day-old Microsoft Surface 2.


Then some Xbox Kinect.

birthday cake

Celebrating a classmate’s birthday!

starbucks office

And visiting Starbucks Corporate Headquarters.

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