A Busy But Good Term

At 9:21 last night, I hit the submit button and turned in my last take-home final and as easily as that, I said goodbye to Fall Term II! After I managed to survive Fall I with both of my arms and legs, I thought that I was in the clear for the rest of my first year at business school. Little did I know … Fall Term II was much busier than Fall I.

Group of students at prom

My classmates and I having fun at the Fuqua Prom!

During the second fall term, I took Marketing, Strategy, Management Communication, and Managing Human Assets and Organizational Change. My courses were very different from my quantitatively heavy classes from the previous term. I learned a lot about case preparation, teamwork, and leadership.

Throw in recruiting, cover letters, mock interviews, strategy papers, 2 study teams, more mock interviews, presentations, cases, and more cover letters, and somehow Fall Term II came and went. The term was a whirlwind and at times, I was a bit overwhelmed with some things on my plate, but I made it through. I like to believe that surviving both fall terms at Fuqua will make me ready for my first spring at business school!

Aside from the academics and career activities, I also participated in fun traditions including Fuqua Prom and the Duke MBA Brand Challenge. I watched the Duke Start-Up Challenge and won an Apple TV in a raffle!!! I also heard fantastic guest lecturers in my Managing Human Assets course, including my fellow blogger and Brandeis alum Deidre-Ann Nelson and P&G CEO Bob McDonald.

Diana on stage

Accepting my Apple TV from the Duke Blue Devil at the Start-Up Challenge!

But, there’s still plenty to look forward to until January 19, when Spring Term I starts:

  • A holiday party with my Section 3 classmates!
  • A Section 3 dinner!
  • Mock interviews during the winter break. My unknowing friends will be asked to test me on my STAR stories.
  • Reading for fun.
  • Shopping.
  • Traveling to NYC, NJ, and Boston.
  • Improv class at Fuqua. Yes. And for those of you who know me and are shocked that I am taking it, so am I. I am trying to do things outside of my comfort zone and this, is one of those things.
  • And lastly, interviews in early January.
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