Application Tips and “My 25 Random Things”

Note: The following article was originally published in the Fuqua in East Asia blog. The original article can be read in its entirety by clicking here.

Shu Hong

Guest Blogger: Shu Hong, second-year student and China Admissions Ambassador.

I am Shu Hong, a second-year Duke Daytime MBA student at Fuqua and a China Admissions Ambassador for this year. Working closely with Admissions and coordinating interviews in China brings back memories of my own business school admissions process. Prior to deciding to apply to Fuqua, you’ve likely learned a lot about the school, community, and culture through various channels including: following the official Fuqua Weibo account, reading Daytime student blogs, attending information sessions, and  talking to admission officers, alumni, or current students at admissions events.

Here are some more tips as you work on your application:

  1. If you have talked to any admission officers, alumni, or current students, be sure to mention their names, together with what you’ve learned from your conversation with them, in your essays.
  2. Leave enough time to prepare for the essays. After the first draft, let them “cool” for a while, and then begin revising. If you happen to know any alumni or current students, you may find it helpful to ask their suggestions.
  3. If you are waitlisted, keep us updated on your job status, exam scores, or other big changes. Do not hesitate to share with us any significant news, promotions, or improvements.

In the spirit of essay writing, I would like to share 25 random things about me with you:

  1. When I was 12 years old, my father changed my first name from “姝” (beauty) to “書” (academic). Although the Chinese pronunciation remained the same, this change aptly characterized his high hopes and motivated me to live up to them.
  2. My hometown is in the northernmost province of China. It is adjacent to Russia and famous for the heavy snow during winters.
  3. From first grade to fourth grade, I assisted a classmate in a wheelchair with a variety of tasks from washing her hands to retrieving her textbooks, through which we developed a beautiful friendship. This experience taught me the joy of giving at an early age, and prompted me to continue helping others in need. Currently, through the Net Impact Club, I enjoy contributing back to the community.
  4. I love all kinds of food — Chinese, Mexican, Italian, French, etc. Whenever I come to a new city, the first places I go are restaurants and grocery stores.
  5. I have practiced Chinese Calligraphy since I was 7. I can still remember some of the movements and show off to my friends from time to time.

Read Shu Hong’s full list on the Fuqua in East Asia blog.

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