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Setting Sail on the MMS Journey

Welcome to Durham MMS Class of 2015! If you think that orientation week at Fuqua consists of casually mingling among your new program buddies over a drink or sitting in boring lectures hours on end, boy, are you in for … Continue reading

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Habitat for Humanity: Building Houses for the Durham Community

On an afternoon in November, I found myself traveling to a small neighborhood on Durham-Chapel Hill Road. As I pulled up the driveway with four classmates, I saw three houses under construction that had “Sold to Habitat of Humanity” signs … Continue reading

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An American Roadtrip

Coming to America, I knew that Thanksgiving was a festive tradition that brought families together to show appreciation for the freedom and liberties they enjoyed. Many international MMS students were invited to celebrate the holiday with American classmates and their … Continue reading

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Settling in Durham as an International Student: Part 1

Finding Housing, Transportation, and Furniture Coming from central London, where I studied my undergraduate degree, I knew from the start that my transition to Durham would be tough. I had never lived in the United States before, and honestly apart … Continue reading

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