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Blowing Off Some Steam

An important part of being in the MMS program is knowing how to unwind. The program is so fast paced that it’s easy to get swept away by assignments, finals, and the job search. A bunch of my friends and … Continue reading

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Application Tips from Admissions Officers

It’s application time for the MMS program! As an Admissions Ambassador, I’m often in contact with those involved in the admissions process, so I thought I’d see if they have any tips or insight to offer for those of you … Continue reading

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Coaches Assist with Career Navigation

No one goes into grad school thinking that they don’t want a job by the time they graduate. However, the recruiting process is competitive, intimidating, and confusing. Through the MMS program, though, we’ve received a lot of career advice to … Continue reading

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Halloween, MMS Style

For Halloween, the MMS Connoisseurs Club organized an eventful party at the Lofts. There was food (cake, cookies, cider, candy and ribs) and a lot of great costumes including two classmates dressed as our Corporate Finance Professor Dr. David Robinson!! … Continue reading

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I Heart New York

By the end of our hectic second semester we were all desperately in need of a vacation, and we couldn’t have been more grateful for fall break! Classmates planned trips to New York, San Francisco, Puerto Rico, Boston, Florida, D.C., … Continue reading

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Tips on Moving to Durham

Everyone knows that moving to a new city is nothing less than stressful, but the only word I can think of to describe moving to another continent is “overwhelming.” There were so many things that I needed to figure out. … Continue reading

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