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mms studentJessica Golson

As a native Philadelphian, I love all Philadelphia sports teams, especially the Phillies and the Eagles. For my undergrad education, I attended Temple University, in Philadelphia. My major was in accounting and my minor was French. After graduating, I worked for 2 years as a college counselor for high school students in a low-income area of Philadelphia.

While working as a college counselor, I loved the experiences I had with my students and staff. I learned that I was good at working with students to market their best qualities to college admissions, and I decided my skills were a good fit for a marketing role. I am so happy to be here at Duke pursuing my MMS degree to transition into a marketing career.

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Class of 2013

ben headshotBen Checketts

I’m from New Canaan, Connecticut, and earned an English degree from Brigham Young University in Utah. After undergrad, I completed an internship with ESPN and fell in love with the world of sports, business, and marketing. I love playing/watching sports and am particularly interested in soccer, football, and lacrosse.
At Fuqua, I was a Career Ambassador and was also involved with the Consulting, Marketing, and Sports clubs.

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Suejin Ahn

I’m a proud “double Dukie.” After attending Duke for undergrad, I was excited to be here for one more year to pursue my MMS degree. On top of getting my master’s degree, I also competed for one more year on the Duke Varsity Cross Country and Track Team.

I’m originally from Long Island, New York, but have grown to love the South. My undergrad major was in public policy and I minored in international comparative studies. While at Fuqua, I was involved with the Marketing Club and was a Career Ambassador.

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Candace Buford

I attended Duke University for undergrad and majored in German literature and political science, and minored in Russian studies. I graduated in 2009, and then attended Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law in order to study American law as well as civil law among other international legal traditions. I received my Juris Doctor in May 2012. My final degree is MMS.

Whether it was working for a Congress member on Capitol Hill, or as a summer associate at an international law firm in Shanghai, or helping to launch a start-up dot com company in Berlin, I’m fueled by inspiration and curiosity, which helps me to be creative and think outside the box.

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James Chen 陈思行

Coming from the home of the panda bears, I have a passion for food — spicy food. But I’m an even bigger fan of technology. I also love road trips and indie music.

I’m from Chengdu, China, but went to Saint Mary’s College in California for undergrad. I earned an economics degree in 2012, and came to Fuqua right after that. Yes, I drove from San Francisco to Durham.

I considered Fuqua as an awesome and modern laboratory. I had a foot in almost every professional student club.

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Anupama (Anu) Kumar

I was born in Los Angeles and moved to India when I was 12. I lived in Bangalore for 10 years, and got a BBM degree from Christ University, majoring in finance. In India, undergrad programs are only 3 years long, and I felt like I needed to gain a more practical perspective on the business world, which is why I joined the MMS program. Also, for someone like me who’s never had a job, a pre-experience master’s program seemed like the way to go.

At Fuqua, I was a member of the MMS Marketing Club and Consulting Club, and was an MMS Admissions Ambassadors.

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Chike Ohayia

I was born in Hillsborough, New Jersey. My father is from Nigeria, and my mother is from the Bronx. So I basically grew at the crossroads of African and American cultures.

I graduated from Columbia University in 2012, with a bachelor’s in political science and sustainable development. During undergrad, I worked in Global Wealth Management at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch for 2 years.

At Fuqua, I was involved with the Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network, the Duke Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club, the MMS Black & Latino Business Association, as well as the MMS Marketing, Finance, and Consulting clubs, and the Intramural Football team.

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Lily Shabani

I’m a bit of an anomaly in the MMS program, since I majored in Fashion and Textile Management at North Carolina State University. My path to business is a little non-traditional, although coming to Duke University for the MMS program was also the perfect opportunity for me to expand upon my undergraduate education.

My parents are from Iran, and they met in England. I was born in London, so I’m 100% Persian/Iranian, although I was raised in Raleigh, NC, so I consider myself a local.

Having worked for Diane von Furstenberg and Abercrombie & Fitch, I came to the MMS program to strengthen my analytical skills. The Marketing and Consulting clubs were extremely helpful in my educational quest. I also learned a lot about the consulting industry through my experiences as a Career Ambassador.

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Courtney Starzer

I grew up in upstate New York, where I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in communication. My passion for marketing began when I was just 15 and I started working as a travel consultant at a New York welcome center.

At Fuqua, I was a Social Media and Communications Coordinator for the MMS Admissions Ambassadors team and was an active member of the Marketing Club.

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Wenjia Wu 吴文嘉

I grew up in China, and am deeply attached to my hometown, Guangzhou. But at the same time, I have been heavily exposed to other cultures, which drove me to pursue higher education abroad.

I doubled majored in international trade and economics, and translation at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 2011. I worked for a short time at a finance firm. I returned to Hong Kong after graduating from MMS. I enjoyed living in the United States during the program. At Fuqua, I was Vice President of the MMS Marketing Club.

I have always been addicted to writing because it is one of the best ways to communicate and share ideas with others. I have been a news reporter, an editor, and the sole author of two published papers.

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Class of 2012

Max BaezMax Baez

I was proud to represent the MMS program on this blog! I’m from the place that half of the students in this program plan to relocate to, New York City, although I personally don’t share that desire.

I’m a very proud alumnus of the University of Arizona, which I graduated from in 2009 with a degree in political science.  After college, I held a variety of jobs in politics, fundraising, and education. I’m a massive sports fan, and I’m a big supporter of the Miami Dolphins, US National Soccer Team, FC Barcelona, and the University of Arizona Wildcats.

I’m also very interested in politics, and previously worked for two members of the Democratic Party, so tea is not something I enjoy.

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William Chase William Chase

Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, I didn’t stray too far from home for the MMS program. I completed my undergraduate coursework at N.C. State University. I majored in English language and literature, and minored in Spanish. Outside of school I enjoy cooking, writing, playing sports, and occasionally working on cars.

The MMS program was a unique and fast-paced experience, and I learned something new every day.

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Caroline Stone Caroline Stone

I was born and raised in the city of San Francisco and graduated from the University of Southern California in 2010 with a bachelor’s in sociology and a minor in international relations. I came to Duke to pursue the MMS program to open new career doors in the fields of social entrepreneurship, corporate responsibility, and the public sector.

Things I love: travel, photography, art, cooking (eating), reading, anything that lets me get outside and run around.

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Naresh Vissa Naresh Vissa

My background has been heavily focused on media, financial markets and investments. I’ve done a lot of freelance work in broadcast and print media for several national publications. I also helped start-up what is now the top-rated financial talk show in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, “The Wall Street Shuffle,” on CNN Radio.

Do not be fooled by my academic and professional qualifications though: I’m a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo!

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Juliana TaylorJuliana Taylor

I was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, but spent my high school years in Ghana. Prior to coming to Fuqua, I worked for Google, in their Ghana office. My role focused on expanding the scope of the University Programs Initiative and assisting small and medium-sized businesses to leverage online tools to improve their businesses. As a result, I developed a strong interest in business strategy and business development in emerging markets. I decided to pursue the MMS degree because I wanted to gain solid business skills from a rigorous and globally focused program. I found Fuqua to be the perfect fit for me.

In my spare time, I work on my business blog, Start Smart at Entrepreneur’s Corner. It focuses on providing entrepreneurs (particularly those in Ghana), with an interactive forum in which they can gain and share knowledge on issues relating to entrepreneurship.

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Grace KimGrace Kim

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and lived there almost all my life except for 6 and a half years in Mississippi and one in New Jersey.

I graduated from Ewha Womans University in Korea in 2011, with a degree in international studies. Ever since my sophomore year, I wanted to pursue marketing or advertising, so I worked as a part-time student marketer in a couple different industries. I developed web content for an Internet start-up and created an education program for a high-end private education client base. My favorite job was working for a travel agency because I went to Hong Kong and Japan to shoot videos, take pictures, and write reviews for a tour guide book and webpage.

Outside of marketing, I’m obsessed with Arrested Development, McDonald’s, electronic music, Mute Math, iced chocolate, and NOT going to the gym (I’m probably the least athletic person you’ve ever seen). Oh, and being Korean, I play Starcraft.

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