Embed and Connect

17 Responses to “Embed and Connect”
  1. Ayisha Jeter says:

    This is an amazing video which truly exemplifies our unique program.

  2. Bev Porter says:

    PHENOMENAL video. One more reason why I am honored to be a part of the Duke Family.

  3. Dirk Van Hyning says:

    A truly truly astonishing video. I am speechless. What a fantastic promotion of what seems to be an amazing and rewarding program.

  4. Vince C. says:

    Wow, this is a heck of a video. I’m sending this to people within my company. Maybe now they’ll understand what I’m doing and why I’m in the program. Heck, I’m sharing this with my friends and family too. Great job!

  5. Gohar Masood says:

    Global perspective is a viewpoint that develops through experiences and exploration, having a broader & more critical view of knowledge and learning and connecting the dots to understand the links between our lives and those of the people throughout the world – This is exactly what a CCMBA program provides

  6. Pradeep says:

    Amazing Video..! very informative about the program & the experience..

  7. Jennifer says:

    Great video!

  8. Patrick Kielty says:

    Great video!

  9. Sami says:

    Go Fuqua!

  10. K Sharma says:

    It is one thing to talk about economies, ecosystems, culture, geographies in class and another to experience it firsthand! it is this experience really induces the Global perspective in you with not just a theoretical basis but a practical one. There is no equal to such program that CCMBA is!

  11. Sam Lee says:

    Great video, this video had a direct impact on my decision to join the CCMBA.

  12. Jeff M says:

    This truly captures what makes our programs different.

  13. Eric Nelson says:

    It’s amazing how the CCMBA continues to evolve. In 2006 it was two countries and now it is truly global.

  14. Jill VanDewoestine says:

    Nice job on this video.

  15. Anna Schrock says:

    This makes me want to go back to school … and to dust off my passport :-)

  16. Matt says:

    Great representation of the programs.

  17. Julia Voorhees says:

    This video does a great job of showing the programs in action

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