What is Bitcoin?

The controversial cryptocurrency bitcoin is starting to gain wider acceptance in the international economy, though many countries are still wary.

In December of 2013, the Indian Central Bank chose not to regulate the currency but warned people they shouldn’t trade in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Shortly after that announcement, a bitcoin information site (rbitco.in) and a Bitcoin Exchange (BuySellBitCo.in) were closed down by the enforcement wing of the Central Bank.

All this happened prior to the widely publicized collapsed of Mt. Gox, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world.

The collapse led some skeptics to question the viability of bitcoin.

Duke University Fuqua School of Business professor Campbell Harvey discusses the basics of how the currency works, security concerns, and the future of bitcoin in the following video series.




CFO Survey: Housing Bubble Threatens Economy

A survey of chief financial officers in India shows that worry over a real estate bubble looms large in their prospects for the next quarter, with almost 65 percent saying such a bubble exists.Picture of a house with money coming out of it

That is just one of the findings of the latest Duke/CFO Magazine Global Business Outlook Survey, which polled CFOs from around the world, including 36 in India.

About 33 percent of Indian CFOs say the bubble will likely reach its breaking point this year. Slightly more than half of the surveyed CFOs say the impact of a bubble burst would be medium to high.

The numbers jump when considering Asia as a whole (153 CFOs, including India and excluding Japan). Almost 75 percent of surveyed CFOs believe a bubble exists in their countries. Thirty percent of surveyed CFOs believe the bubble will burst this year, and about 70 percent believe a burst would have a medium to large impact on the country’s economy. (more…)

Stay in India or Going Abroad?


What is the benefit of studying abroad? Wouldn’t it be easier and more convenient for me to stay put here in India and study global business?  After all, can’t I just go online to hear global perspectives?

French native Bertrand Guillotin, director of the international programs office at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, shares his point of view in the following Q and A. (more…)

Indian Applicants: How to Brand Yourself in the Admissions Process

Dan McCleary – Regional Director for India

By Dan McCleary

Thinking about getting your MBA and applying to a U.S. school? If yes, one of the obvious challenges is getting accepted. The application process can indeed seem overwhelming. I have come across hundreds of applications from Indian students over the years in my previous role as director of admissions at Fuqua and now as the school’s Regional Director for India. Here are some tips for prospective MBA applicants on strengthening applications to United States business schools: (more…)

How an International MBA Helps Indian Family Businesses

Guest blogger and Fuqua student Eapen Alexander with Dean Bill Boulding

Guest blogger and Fuqua student Eapen Alexander with Dean Bill Boulding

By Eapen Alexander, Daytime MBA student

To state it plainly, there is no greater entrepreneurial environment than India. And whether in country or abroad, Indians have a demonstrated talent for starting and running successful businesses. Yet once Indian businesses reach a certain level of size and complexity, it becomes clear that the organizations can benefit from more formal management expertise. I have been fortunate to work with the Muthoot Group, an India-based business house run by my father and his brothers. As I have witnessed Muthoot’s continued growth and the diversification of the core financial services business into a variety of other sectors, I have been in a fortunate position to see first-hand how Muthoot has risen to this sort of leadership challenge.