The Final Countdown

My classmate's wife created this chain-link to countdown the end of the program.

As we enter the month of December, the final countdown until the end of the term has begun in earnest. One classmate set up a webpage counter, and another’s wife set up this super cute countdown chain (pictured right). While we’ve had a great time at Fuqua, making new life-long friends, and learning so much, we are also ready to move on to the next chapter in our lives, and get some time back.

Of course, as we near the end of Term 6, some of us are continuing to pursue a concentration. That too will come to a close in early April, so the end is firmly in sight.

Looking back, it’s amazing what I’ve experienced and accomplished, including:

  • 6 – The number of terms
  • 1 – Concentration
  • 2 – Teams in the first 5 terms
  • 2 – Numbers of weeks in residency for Super Term
  • 3 – Packages of Oreos eaten during Term 2
  • 3 – People who have 4 children
  • 8 – Amazing women in my class
  • 16 – Classes taken
  • 19 – Months of sleep-deprived fun
  • 25 – Weekend residencies
  • >30 – Case studies
  • 53 – Books read (both for school, and as books that I’ve picked up relating to new topics)
  • 85 – Students in my class
  • 150 – Times I’ve been asked what I will do when I graduate
  • 1,140 – Hours of studying
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  2. Meredith Conder says:

    And you are 1 super lady!!

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