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Daytime MBA

Breaking Down First-Year Courses: Fall Term 1
August 23, 2019
three students with laptops out looking at one of them in unison while doing work for a course
So, you’ve read online the names of courses you’ll be taking when you start at Fuqua, but what do they really entail? And how nervous should you be if it’s been five or more years since your last economics examread more ❯


My Favorite Ways to Exercise at Duke
August 19, 2019
a large Duke "D" on the wall and exercise machines on the floor of a large room, one of the places to exercise at Duke
Duke has great facilities for students to exercise. Even though the MMS schedule is hectic at times, if you manage your time well---maybe working out at least one weekday and again on the weekends---you'll enjoy using the facilities and the health benefit they provideread more ❯

Global Executive MBA

A Thank You Letter to the Program
July 29, 2019
the dozens of students that make up the global executive MBA class pose for a group photo on a set of stairs in the JB Duke Hotel, A Thank You Letter to the Program
Dear Global Executive MBA Program: Now that I'm a few months past graduation and have had some time to reflect, I wanted to take a few minutes to express my gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for everything you’ve done for meread more ❯

MQM: Business Analytics

Finding Another Home and Family at Fuqua
July 17, 2019
five hands with henna art together forming a circle, symbolizing family at Fuqua
I was born in Lahore, Pakistan, and my favorite part of traveling home is my mother’s food. A distinct smell of spices and vegetables emanates from her kitchenread more ❯

Weekend Executive MBA

Making it Work as a Single Parent Pursuing an MBA
July 23, 2019
Kiera looking at Jiazi's laptop screen, part of life as a single parent in an MBA program
Is having a full-time job while getting an MBA difficult? Is being a single parent challenging? How about having a full-time job while getting an MBA and being a single parent all at the same timeread more ❯