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Daytime MBA

Virtual Recruiting During COVID-19: Lessons Along the Way
Published September 18, 2020 in Duke Daytime MBA Student Blog
a student looking at her laptop smiling during virtual recruiting
Since March, our team has been working diligently to help our students, alumni and employers to navigate the many challenges of virtual recruiting during COVID-19. Along the way, we’ve seen firsthand how job seekers can succeed despite the uncertainties and rapid changes. Here are a few insights that can make a big difference.read more ❯


My Job Hunt: From MMS to Management Consultantphoto of John; management consultant
I was thrilled to accept an offer to join The Lafayette Group in Washington, D.C., as a management consultant. Now, I want to share the lessons I learned during my job hunt to help future generations of MMS students. read more ❯

Global Executive MBA

Gender Parity in an MBA: An Empowering Environment
Published September 22, 2020 in Duke Global Executive MBA Student Blog
about 20 of the women in Kate's class that has near gender parity
One year ago, I sat surrounded by about 90 fellow students in a Fuqua lecture hall in Durham. A slide was flashed across the screen with demographics of the cohort, proudly announcing that our Global Executive MBA Class of 2020 represented the highest ratio of women in any previous GEMBA class at Fuqua. read more ❯

MQM: Business Analytics

A Data Challenge from Adobe and Major League BaseballJane and her two teammates holding up their giant check from the data challenge
Last fall, I had the absolute honor of representing Fuqua and Duke as a finalist in the Adobe Analytics Challenge. I was flown out to Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose, California, to present our big ideas in front of a panel of judges and a live audience.read more ❯

Weekend Executive MBA

Our Program Was Delayed by COVID, but Our Lifetime Relationships Were Accelerated
Published August 30, 2020 in Duke Weekend Executive MBA Student Blog
Chris and his wife taking a photos from a skyscraper looking out over the city below, lifetime relationships
I found out about my acceptance to Fuqua on Halloween Night, 2019. When I got the call, my wife and I were on the busy streets of Saigon. We celebrated the opportunity but were uncertain if we would take it.read more ❯