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Daytime MBA

Changes to the 2019–2020 Duke MBA Application
June 20, 2019
application: a woman working on her laptop
The Duke MBA Admissions team has made several changes to our application process this year with the goal of increasing accessibility to all applicants, streamlining the process, and providing the greatest number of applicants the opportunity to meet with Duke MBA students and staff in personread more ❯


Gaining Consulting Experience Through Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators
June 03, 2019
6 students on Janet's Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators team pose for a photo in a team study room
At Fuqua, apart from taking classes, acing case assignments, having team meetings, and networking with a diverse group of people, there are lots of opportunities you can pursue to help you growread more ❯

Global Executive MBA

How To Survive Family Life During an EMBA
June 18, 2019
Jamie, his wife and two small kids posing for a family portrait; family life
Any EMBA program will put a strain on your family and relationship with your partner. But is it possible to mitigate the strain, and is it worth itread more ❯

MQM: Business Analytics

What Differentiates the Forensics Track?
June 10, 2019
the guest speaker taking a selfie with the forensics class seated in the background
As a student who just graduated from the Forensics track, I want to share a few insights to help you understand more about itread more ❯

Weekend Executive MBA

MBA Reflections: The Sky is the Limit
June 11, 2019
Preshank posing beside the Fuqua sign; MBA reflections
I attended an open house and fell in love with the curriculum and warmth of the school community which motivated me to applyread more ❯