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Daytime MBA

How Business Improv at Fuqua Changed My Life
November 06, 2019
nine students plus an instructor pose for a group photo on stage during their business improv class
This is my story of why I vowed abstention from public speaking because of Russia, and how a business improv class at Fuqua changed all that while helping me overcome my lifelong fear of performing on stageread more ❯


Brand Competition Delivers More than Just Marketing Experience
November 07, 2019
the three students presenting in front of a projection screen; marketing experience
For students interested in gaining marketing experience or learning about the fast-moving consumer goods industry, this competition is one of the best opportunities during the program to get front-line exposure to the business worldread more ❯

Global Executive MBA

Why I Chose to Start an MBA
October 08, 2019
15 students pose in front of an Alicorp sign with Alicorp swag bags in hand; start an MBA
Why do an MBA? What's in it for me? What can I get out of it? These were questions I asked myself before I started the Global Executive MBA program at Fuqua in 2017read more ❯

MQM: Business Analytics

How to Demonstrate Academic Readiness in Your Application
November 05, 2019
students working together on their laptops in a team room; academic readiness
The first questions most prospective students ask are related to their academic readiness. So I’d like to share some tips that will help you prepare for applying to and attending business school.read more ❯

Weekend Executive MBA

When is the Right Time to Pursue an Executive MBA?
October 16, 2019
Nady posing beside the Fuqua sign; when is the right time to apply for an MBA
What will it take for you to achieve your dream? This is a question I often ask myself whenever I encounter a mountain in life that I need to climb overread more ❯