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Daytime MBA

Fuqua’s Approach to Entrepreneurship Education
Published October 25, 2021 in Duke Daytime MBA Student Blog
Professor Jamie Jones teaching entrepreneurship education in a Fuqua classroom
Sometimes people ask me why entrepreneurship education should be taught within our MBA program if most students don’t aspire to launch a venture immediately post-graduation. The answer is twofoldread more ❯


Our (Literal) Team Fuqua Family
Published October 18, 2021 in Duke MMS Student Blog
Molly and her 3 brothers, her literal Team Fuqua family, posing for a photo
I was sold on “Team Fuqua” from my first day at MMS orientation. What I didn’t realize is that this team mentality would become the most valuable aspect of my time here both personally and professionally.read more ❯

Global Executive MBA

My Career Path to the Technology Industry
Published September 24, 2021 in Duke Global Executive MBA Student Blog
A woman standing in front of a map; career path
This is the story of how I changed my career trajectory from oil and gas operations to technology product management.read more ❯

MQM: Business Analytics

My Favorite MQM Classes
Published October 06, 2021 in Duke MQM Student Blog
4 people standing in front of a blue background with the NBA logo on it; MQM classes
The Business Communicatio and Data Visualization classes helped me to spend more time thinking and practicing how to present data analytics results. read more ❯

Weekend Executive MBA

Advice to Women of Color Attending Fuqua
Published September 21, 2021 in Duke Weekend Executive MBA Student Blog
Four people staring at the camera from a restaurant; Women of Color
I had the opportunity to be surrounded by people who had incredible minds while advancing my education. read more ❯