Dipesh giving a thumbs up
Ready for the first day!

While I am currently in the middle of my first term at Fuqua, I wanted to share with everyone the fun times of my first few days:

August 1 (morning)

The First Day of School! It felt so weird having another first day of school (and probably my last first day). However, Fuqua does a funny job of making your likely last “first” day of school the very best. Can we say orientation?!?

The fun begins in our largest auditorium, Geneen, with a crazy welcome from our second-year Orientation leaders, and we begin breaking up in our sections. At Fuqua, your class of 400+ is broken into 6 sections of about 70 people with whom you share your core classes. I am in Section 3 … the very best of all of the sections. For Harry Potter fans, Section 3 is like Gryffindor … you know … big deal on campus type of thing.

August 1 (afternoon)

Section 3 students
Section 3 rocking our chants: "Lets Go 3!" and "Three will, three will rock you!"

Imagine a pep rally o r a stadium for a big game. Orientation is a mini version of these events. The event is just energizing, upbeat, positive and fun! Somehow in 3 hours, we have already bonded with our sections and we already consider ourselves better than the other sections. It may party be due to our awesome colored T-shirts, crazy chants, and acceptance that we will be sharing nearly every class together for 12 weeks!

August 1 (evening)

By the evening, our sections are like family. How does Fuqua do this in 12 hours? I have no freaking idea!

Dipesh and roommate in costume
My roommate and I as we head to the Around the World Party.

Fuqua has not only filled us with a ton of information but also planted the seed for building the Team Fuqua culture for our first year class.

We cap our first day with an around-the-world party at a local venue.

Everyone is encouraged to dress in clothing native to where they are from (culturally, geographically, or just something to be funny). The fun goes until 3 am, and then Day 2 begins … more on that and the rest of month 1 to come.