Of the courses offered in the Health Sector Management curriculum, which have you taken or plan to take?

For HSM, I did an independent study over two terms. That was a great experience. I designed a marketing campaign within the domain of the Centers for Disease Control. This term, I’ll be doing an HSM Practicum working for CMG Healthcare on a new web-based customer acquisition model for their medical device start-up. So, those are two classes that give you credit and real-world experience, and count toward your HSM elective requirements.

I also took Health Care in the 21st Century, which is a 1-week HSM Bootcamp, and then Seminars in Health Care, which is a guest speaker course on Wednesdays that pulls in speakers from top health care organizations (both are required courses). Both of these courses completely immerse you in the world of health care and give you an incredibly well-rounded view of all the different facets of the sector, from public health to medical devices to drug discovery.

I’ll be taking Economics and Strategy of HSM in the spring, as it’s another required course. I’m hoping to take Health Policy & Mgmt in January (it involves a week-long trip to D.C.) and then Provider Strategy, and one other elective in the second spring term.  

I want to work in a major biotech or pharmaceutical company after graduation. Are there many current students who share similar interests?

There are definitely people on that same track within Fuqua. To get an idea of some similar career paths, check out the Career Info page on the Health Care Club website. There’s also a page specifically for Prospective Students, which includes contact information for a club member.

I want to go into consulting. What kind of opportunities does Fuqua provide to help me make the transition?

The Second-Year Executive Cabinet for the Consulting Club is a good place to start. Take a look and you can see what kind of jobs these second years had over the summer. Next, check out the club’s Calendar page to see what kinds of events they provide. You’ll see information on case competitions, mock interviews, conferences, and more.

There’s a Contact Us form on the site that you can fill in if you’d like to learn more.