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In a previous post, I promised to continue to demystify our “25 Random Things” application essay, while concurrently helping you to get to know Fuqua’s admissions team. So, I am happy to introduce our Admissions Queen Liz Riley Hargrove; Tom Booth, our longest standing employee (32 years); and Anne-Caitlin Procopio, who coordinates applicant interviews! Here are some excerpts from each of their 25 Random Things lists:

Photo of Liz Riley Hargrove fom admissions
Liz Riley Hargrove

Liz Riley Hargrove, Associate Dean for Admissions

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Tom Booth
Tom Booth

Tom Booth, Data Manager

Photo of Anne-Caitlin Procopio
Anne-Caitlin Procopio

Anne-Caitlin Procopio, Interview Coordinator

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Megan Lynam Overbay, former Duke Fuqua director of admissions

Megan Lynam Overbay

Former Director of Admissions

I served as director of admissions from 2010 until 2014, and I'm a 2003 graduate... Read More

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