Preparing for an Internship at Coca-Cola

Internship at Coca-Cola
Some of my colleagues from the summer

Building brands and creating great customer experiences has always been my professional passion. One of the reasons I came to Fuqua was to transition from my previous role at a company where brand management was more of a support function to a company where the brand was the heart and soul of the firm.

This past summer I had the opportunity to work in brand marketing through an internship at Coca-Cola—one of the world’s most loved brands. Here are some ways Fuqua helped prepare me for a fantastic internship experience.

Getting the Offer

Internship at Coca-Cola
A custom “Team Fuqua” Coke

On the job

As students at Duke, we often discuss how we can make our MBA experience not simply transactional, but transformational. I hope you can see from my experience through an internship at Coca-Cola, that my journey to find the right career path is not simply about securing an internship. It’s about the 360-degree experience of building relationships, helping others, expanding one’s comfort zone and having a great time along the way!

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I'm born and raised on the East Coast and have a background in marketing that will remain my focus after graduation. Being involved with the visual arts, eating at my favorite restaurants and going for runs on the campus trail near Fuqua are a few of the things I enjoy outside of the classroom.

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