There are so many great business schools throughout the world, and it can be hard to set a target list of schools. As an international student who has lived on the opposite side of the globe my whole life, I’ve had limited opportunities to learn about schools in the U.S. So what I valued the most during my exploration process was the campus visit—and that’s why I’ve actively participated in Fuqua Admission events since I started my MBA!

There are a lot of opportunities through which prospective students can learn more about the school, and I think the best options provide a chance to listen to students’ real experiences. Current MBAs actively participate in a number of events and sessions where they introduce Fuqua and share their own perspectives. I’ve really enjoyed doing this, talking with prospective students, and sharing my favorite anecdotes from my time at Fuqua so far. So here are some tips on how to make the most of your campus visit.

What Kinds of Opportunities are Available?

Fuqua holds its campus visit program almost every weekday school is in session, except Wednesdays because students don’t have class. During a campus visit, visitors could have office hours or an interview with Admissions, but also have a casual coffee chat or lunch and tour with student volunteers. You can also sit in on an actual class.

In addition to a normal campus visit, Fuqua also holds special events to support some specific groups of prospective students. One example is Weekend for Women, which is organized by Admissions and a student club, the Association of Women in Business. Other events include the Workshop for Minority ApplicantsVeterans Symposium, and LGBTQ Weekend.

How Do I Attend?

Just head to the campus visits sign up page and register for the sessions you’re interested in! And if you’d like to apply to attend one of those four larger weekend events I mentioned, contact Admissions for details.

Prospective student guests mingling with current students in the Admissions lobby
Prospective student guests mingling with current students in the Admissions lobby

Recommendations on What Not to Miss

There are a number of valuable events and activities from which to choose, so here are some recommendations from Admissions ambassadors in the Class of 2019.

“Definitely a class visit! For me, it was the time I made up my mind to come to Fuqua. I could see the level of engagement and picture myself in the class in the future. Plus, having a coffee chat with a current student also helps you understand Fuqua in more detail, so don’t be afraid to reach out.” – Ting Zhang

“If you can, schedule your campus visit on a Friday so that you can check Fuqua Friday. It’s a great way to learn Fuqua’s culture in an informal setting, with free food!” – Sam Freakley

Maximize your time at Fuqua. Don’t be afraid to reach out to current students! Have a coffee chat with someone who has the same background as you, or a member of a club you want to join, or Admissions ambassadors. Every Fuquan will be happy to talk with you and try to help you as much as they can, and it’s a great way to understand life at Fuqua.” – Rosanna Arias

Fuqua provides a campus tour, through which you can see every corner of Fuqua. Build upon that. I recommend you to take a walk around Fuqua as well. Not only Fuqua, but Duke University is also your home for two years. So check out the larger campus, especially the beautiful Duke Chapel, West Union, and Wilson gym.” – Lowell Simpson

Fuqua Admissions Tour
Guests gathering for a tour followed by lunch with students

My Personal Tips for Your Visit

These aren’t related to your admissions process—just a few opinions on how to best enjoy your time here.

  • Fuqua loves random facts, so come to campus with one random fact about yourself that you want to share.
  • Fall is the best time to visit Fuqua when the beautifully colored leaves provide breathtaking views through the windows of the school. So make your move then!
  • Spend some time in the Admissions lounge with current students to get to know the real Fuqua experience.
The Fox Center, Fuqua’s dining hall and student gathering space
Fall in the Fox Center, Fuqua’s dining hall and student gathering space

Some Options if You Can’t Make it to Campus

If you live far away and just aren’t able to make it, here are some other resources that will help you get to know Fuqua in more detail.

During the fall of 2016, I remember spending most of my free time in front of my desk, gathering information about schools, doing a lot of self-reflection, and having a hard time with the essays as I prepared my application. If you find yourself in that same situation, a campus visit to Fuqua to enjoy the real talk and beautiful scenes will make all the difference. I hope to see you soon!