My 4 Months of Summer

Before my summer becomes too distant of a memory, I wanted to give a brief recap of the 4 months between my first and second year at Fuqua. May Day 1: No school, no recruiting, and... Read More

I Love Spring

… and I’ll tell you why: No Recruiting! I wrote about my very hectic recruiting experience this year, and I’m pleased to report that it all paid off. I’m going to work at Morgan Stanley... Read More

The Interview Rush

School started up again in mid January after nearly a month off. Since then, to be completely honest, I’m not sure whether I’ve been here first as a student or as a job seeker. These... Read More

Carolina Pumpkin Culture

Most of the “Fall Festivals” I’ve experienced (in Southern California) are just a few pumpkins and bales of hay in some deserted parking lot next to noisy railroad tracks or a freeway. This is not... Read More