I am a proud Mozambican with more than seven years of rich experience in the banking and financial sector. During my time at the central bank, I led groundbreaking projects that culminated in formulating policy recommendations to strengthen the resilience of Mozambique’s banking sector. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in developing the recovery planning framework, positioning financial institutions to navigate uncertainties effectively and contribute to the stability of the overall financial system.

Before joining the Central Bank of Mozambique, I worked for British American Tobacco, where I helped implement procurement savings initiatives and automation tools to streamline procurement workflows, reducing lead times and operational costs.

I hold a bachelor’s in business administration from Eduardo Mondlane University. As the first Mozambican woman to be accepted into the Daytime MBA program at Fuqua, my vision is to empower and inspire women, regardless of the challenges presented by underrepresented sectors, to hold the power to be a catalyst for positive change.