I was born and raised in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Hanoi is the birthplace of the beloved Vietnamese noodle “pho,” the food that I miss the most other than my mother’s cooking. I spent eight years in the dreamy city of Seattle before moving to Fuqua. Prior to business school, I worked in the asset management industry for four years.

I chose Fuqua after my campus visit in November 2016. I felt instantly at home, and since then I have cherished every moment I get to spend in this awesome community. I am continually surprised by the vast amount of resources available to students from both Fuqua and the broader Duke community. I enjoy helping people grow so I chose to become a career fellow for Fuqua’s Career Management Center, and mentored four first-year MBAs. I also mentor four other (non-Duke) students in my own time.

Fun fact: I have met Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Pope Francis!