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Taylor DonnerTaylor Donner

Daytime MBA | Class of 2019


I’m what you would call a teacher-turned-techie. I grew up in South Florida, and upon graduating from Wake Forest University in 2010, I joined Teach for America in the Mississippi Delta, where I taught high school math for two years.

While in the classroom, I developed a passion for technology and began a tech career in New Orleans after interning for a startup accelerator in Boston. As a programmer and product manager for a company of seven people, I knew that I’d eventually want to work for a much larger organization, lead bigger teams, and work with advanced technology, but I knew I would need to further develop my strategy and leadership skills to do so.

Fuqua has been the perfect place to develop these skills while making plenty of life-long friends. As co-president of the MBA Association, I am learning to be a more empathetic leader while having the honor of serving my community. I’ve loved every minute of my time here at Fuqua (yes, even the stressful parts) and am confident that I will graduate ready to be a "Leader of Consequence."

On a more personal level, here are a few of my 25 random things:

  1. I am a first-generation college graduate.
  2. I met my wife on OkCupid.com one week after I moved to New Orleans. Turns out, she also graduated from Wake Forest in 2010. Although we have many of the same friends through my fraternity and extracurricular activities, we never met during three years of college.  However, it was worth the wait!
  3. When I was 11, I invented a game that was featured on the premiere episode of the show Z-Games on the Disney Channel. The game, named Target, required placing a water balloon in the handle of a shovel and jumping on the blade to catapult the balloon toward a bulls-eye.
  4. My wife and I adopted two retired racing greyhounds named Slatex Prince and SD Ingrid Bergman, but more affectionately known as Prince and Ingy. Despite what you may think about greyhounds being super active, I assure you they are not, as they sleep 18 hours a day and never leave any room on the couch for my wife Jess and I.
  5. I feel no shame in saying I haven’t missed an episode of the Bachelor or Bachelorette in six years. My favorite season is Chris Soules’ Bachelor 19: the most dramatic season of the Bachelor… EVER!

2-3 Sentence:

I’m a Second Year Full Time MBA and the Co-President of The Duke MBA Association, where I have the honor of serving my fellow Fuquans and being an advocate for all. I spend my free time traveling with friends, playing golf, and hanging out with my wife and two greyhounds.


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