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Leadership Development at Fuqua

May 1, 2019

a soldier looks on as a handful of student work together to make their way through a 'spiderweb' obstacle during leadership development exercises

Business school serves a range of purposes, from career shifts to personal and skill development. For me, school was about transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader, and developing the skillset to lead effectively.

My Favorite Fuqua Memories

March 21, 2019

7 students leaping for joy with mountains in the background, one of my favorite Fuqua memories

I left Fuqua last May ready to rejoin the working world, armed with a new degree and a great deal more knowledge about business, marketing, and health care. The education exceeded every expectation…

How CASE Prepared Me for a Social Impact Career

January 11, 2019

11 students pose with messages written on their arms about their interest in pursuing a social impact career

Four weeks into my post-MBA career, I realized that I absolutely loved my job. I immediately emailed Erin Worsham, the executive director of the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE), to…

Fuqua’s Focus on Leadership Growth

October 31, 2016

a group presentation at HSM Bootcamp is part of leadership growth at Fuqua

114 weeks ago today I walked into the large Geneen auditorium at Fuqua to meet my classmates. I had just returned from more than two years of living in Ethiopia, working to help small…

3 Ways Fuqua Helped Me Transition from Science to Business

August 19, 2015

group photo of students - Duke Daytime MBA alumnus on how Fuqua helped him transition from science to business

I started my career in science prior to attending the MBA program at Fuqua, working as a lab researcher at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland. During that time, I dabbled in…

Alumni Myth Busting: 4 Things About the Fuqua Experience

February 12, 2015

I’m baaaacck. You may remember me from such then-student blog posts as “What You Need to Know Before Starting B-School” and “The Unofficial 5-Step Path to Leadership Success at Fuqua.” While Fuqua made…

From the Moment I Set Foot on Fuqua’s Campus, I Felt the Team – Part Two

by and
September 24, 2014

Rachael Lambert, alumna and MBAA Vice President from the Class of 2014 interviews Simon Moore-Crouch, alumnus and MBAA President from the Class of 2014. Read part one of her blog post here. Rachael:…

From the Moment I Set Foot on Fuqua’s Campus, I Felt the Team – Part One

September 16, 2014

My first visit to Duke University came during Open Interviews in the early fall of 2011. Being a native West Coaster I was hesitant to consider schools in the Southeast. I assumed a…

Looking Back on Two Years of Growth and Fun

August 18, 2014

Sadly, it’s over. After two amazing years, I’ve now officially graduated. It’s funny to think that three years ago I was contemplating whether to apply to schools in Europe that offered 1-year MBA…

Alumnus Enhances the Learning Experience

February 28, 2013

A Conversation with a Committed Leader I believe Fuqua’s ambition to create “leaders of consequence” is best illustrated by showing a living example. Warren Farr (Daytime MBA ’93) is an alumnus who is…

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