Category: Social Entrepreneurship

Increasing my Impact with the Duke MBA

By Julia Houlihan, second-year Daytime MBA student. In the past few weeks, we’ve received email reminders about graduation requirements to make sure everyone’s on track to walk across that stage and shake Dean Boulding’s hand... Read More

Impact Consulting in Africa

Needless to say, consulting is definitely a hot topic at business school! And I wanted to investigate the world of consulting for myself, but with a hands-on experience outside of an internship. Fortunately for me,... Read More

Back to School

I land in Durham, unpack not just summer luggage, but also boxes from an apartment move. Set up the cable and internet. Jumpstart my car not once, but twice. Rush out to get groceries. Go... Read More

Why Fuqua and Fall Term I Reflections

“Where are you applying to business school?” “Why?” It’s impossible to go through the MBA application process without answering these two questions ad infinitum. Ad naseum, really. But as I progressed through the application season,... Read More

The Indian Job

Since setting foot on campus in early August of last year, we’ve consistently been reminded that part of what distinguishes Fuqua’s student body from that of other business schools is that we’re selected on the... Read More