• Anjali Menon

    Anjali Menon

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2013

    I went to UC Berkeley for undergrad and earned a dual degree in mass communications and business administration. After 3 years as a financial statement auditor and launching a marketing media company, I decided to go back to school for my MBA. At Fuqua I became heavily involved with FuquaVision and Career Fellows.

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  • ankit

    Ankit Khanna

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    I’m from New Delhi and in addition to other cities in India I have lived in Nigeria and Chile. My passion for research, diversity and community made Fuqua a clear choice for my MBA, and I’ve engaged that community through club participation and event organizing.

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  • bering

    Bering Tsang

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2015

    I’m originally from Sonoma County, California, and returned to Duke for an MBA after completing my undergraduate degree here. I spent the years in between as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, and not surprisingly one of my favorite movies is “Top Gun.”

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  • christina-head

    Christina Mannarino

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2015

    I have a background in accounting and finance that I want to leverage into a career change while at Fuqua. I’ve lived in large cities like New York, Philadelphia and even a short time in Rome, but had no trouble making a smooth transition to life in Durham and the southern United States.

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  • crystal-headshot

    Crystal Brown

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    I’m a New Yorker by way of Trinidad and Tobago where I was born. My background is in pharmaceutical sales, I’m pursuing the Health Sector Management (HSM) Certificate and I’m a very competitive board game “champion.”

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  • Deidre-Ann Nelson

    Deidre-Ann Nelson

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2013

    I was born on the island of Jamaica, and last lived in New York before moving to Durham to attend Fuqua. While at Duke I transitioned into the healthcare industry through the Health Sector Management program. I was involved with the Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (as a COLE Fellow), and was on the cabinet of the Association of Women in Business.

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  • diana headshot

    Diana Yarmovich

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2013

    I received my bachelor’s degree in economics from Brandeis University and worked as a financial statement auditor at KPMG LLP in New York City before deciding to change careers and study business at Fuqua. I was a cabinet member in the Finance and General Management clubs and was a Career Fellow. I also pursued a concentration in financial analysis and management.

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  • Dipesh

    Dipesh Shah

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2013

    I graduated from Emory University with a bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) with concentrations in marketing and finance. After graduating, I worked at Deloitte Consulting in the Human Capital practice. While at Fuqua, I was a member of the General Management Club, FuquaVision, and Marketing Club. I also served as a COLE Fellow and Admissions Fellow.

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  • dorothy-head

    Dorothy Tong

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2015

    I was born in Southern California and lived there through my undergraduate years. My passion for desserts turned into a business and resulted in being crowned a cupcake champion on Food Network!

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  • eric-nakano

    Eric Nakano

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    I grew up outside of Los Angeles and attended school in Washington, D.C. before doing a stint on Capitol Hill. Volunteering with a campaign to protect gay rights in California ignited a passion to affect change which led me to pursue a joint degree in public policy and business. I’ve also had some fantastic travel experiences in my time at Duke.

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  • Jackie Mancini

    Jackie Mancini

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2013

    I came to Durham originally as a Fuqua Partner, but wanted to get back in the classroom myself and soon applied. Shortly thereafter, the Mancinis had representation in Fuqua’s Class of 2012 and Class of 2013.

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  • jen-mcfann-headshot

    Jen McFann

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    After growing up in rural Maryland I was due for a change of scenery, so I went to undergrad in New York before going to Europe as a member of the Peace Corps for an even bigger change. That work in development has remained important to me, and now I’m involved with Fuqua’s Net Impact Club and the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship.

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  • joaquin

    Joaquin Brahm

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2015

    I am from Chile where I worked in investment banking before coming to Duke to prepare myself for future challenges as a senior manager. I’m pursuing a joint degree so in addition to my MBA I will have a Masters in Public Policy upon graduation. When possible I try to escape my busy schedule to go fly fishing.

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  • joe

    Joe Mancini

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2012

    When I decided to pursue my MBA I was most excited about working for global companies navigating new markets or products. After graduating, I became a management consultant with PwC.

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  • Kim Lambert

    Kim Lambert

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2012

    After volunteering with the Virginia Public Health Association, I became interested in healthcare, which led me to Fuqua and its Health Sector Management (HSM) program. I also pursued a concentration in marketing and was an Admissions Ambassador. After graduating from Fuqua, I accepted a position in media at Intel.

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  • matt-hamilton-head

    Matt Hamilton

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    I’ve lived in California, Utah, Spain and California again, the latter of which while working for a large asset manager. I’ve continued to strengthen my financial acumen at Fuqua while learning from the diversity found here, and have had no trouble finding local activities to keep my two small children busy.

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  • Meiqing-headshot

    Meiqing Fan

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    I was born in Shanghai, worked in Beijing and came to the United States as one of the youngest members of my class at Fuqua. While here I’ve held several club cabinet positions, traveled as much as I could and still found time to play golf on the Duke course nearby.

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  • Michael Ferguson

    Mike Ferguson

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2011

    While at Fuqua, I was involved in the Finance Club, the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, and the Duke Microfinance Leadership Initiative. After graduation, I relocated to Jersey City, NJ to work for Standard & Poor's.

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  • mjumo-headshot

    Mjumo Mzyece

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2015

    After growing up in Zambia, I studied in England and Scotland then worked in South Africa before arriving at Fuqua. I’m sharing those experiences as a cabinet member of the Business in Africa Club while maintaining the conviction that business can make a huge, positive impact on the world.

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  • Nisha

    Nisha Asher

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    Being born and raised in Michigan by recently immigrated Indian parents gave me an interesting cultural perspective. My background in finance plus a passion to improve healthcare led me to pursue the Health Sector Management (HSM) Certificate while balancing a number of other campus activities.

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  • Duke Fuqua Daytime MBA student blogger Paulita Pontiliano

    Paula Pontiliano

    Daytime MBA, Class of Class of 2015

    While I have spent the last seven years working in the U.S., Buenos Aires is... Read More

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  • raj-headshot

    Raj Rajendran

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2015

    I grew up in Chennai, India, and have experience as a production engineer working with various industries before Fuqua. Now I’m focusing on leadership development, which got off to a great start when I led a group of classmates to success in getting basketball season tickets during Campout!

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  • Ralf headshot

    Ralf Kloeckner

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2013

    I’m from Hamburg, Germany, and studied international relations in undergrad. While at Fuqua, I did a concentration in decision sciences and financial analysis, and had an awesome summer internship.

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  • Rich Karcher

    Rich Karcher

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    After graduating from Fuqua in 2014, I began working at Wyndham Worldwide in its vacation... Read More

  • Richard Mozeleski

    Richard Mozeleski

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    I'm a Fuqua MBA from the class of 2014. I work at Deloitte Consulting in... Read More

  • Duke Fuqua Daytime MBA student blogger Sanaz Falahatpisheh

    Sanaz Falahatpisheh

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2015

    I graduated from Fuqua in the Class of 2015. I’m originally from Texas and have... Read More

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  • sarah-head

    Sarah Feagles

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    I came to Fuqua after serving as a Naval Officer, primarily stationed in Asia waters, and winning Wheel of Fortune. My campus activities have included being a cabinet member of the Association of Women in Business and a COLE Leadership Fellow.

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  • Shu Hong

    Shu Hong

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    I came to Fuqua after working for PwC and later Morgan Stanley in Shanghai. I spent... Read More

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  • Susan Shell

    Susan Shell

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2013

    I attended George Washington University, and after graduation pursued my passion for social issues as a public opinion researcher. I decided to attend business school to build my business education and experience for the social sector. I became hooked on Fuqua after learning about its emphasis on teams, its diverse curriculum, and the incredible variety of clubs and activities!

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  • Ted Lyons

    Ted Lyons

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2014

    Prior to attending Fuqua I worked for the U.S. Department of Energy and then M&T... Read More

  • Tekky Andrew-Jaja

    Tekky Andrew-Jaja

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2012

    I graduated from Harvard in 2005 with an English degree. After working for four years at Xerox Corporation, I decided that I wanted to supplement my knowledge and study the marriage of business and innovation at Fuqua.

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