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How I Got to “Durham”

Hello readers! While I've spent years as an avid blog reader, this is the first time I’m writing for a blog. As part of my transformational experience here at Fuqua, I decided to take on... Read More

Two Programs, One Team Fuqua

During the past year, I’ve worked as an Admissions Fellow, and had an awesome experience interviewing prospective students for not only the Daytime MBA program, but also for another Fuqua program – the Master of... Read More

Students Interview Future Students

After helping the admissions department with campus tours and class visits last year, I was excited to become an “Admissions Fellow” during my second-year. Admissions Fellows contribute to the department in different ways; specifically, by... Read More

Q and A with Kim, Part 6

Where did the name "Fuqua" come from? First, let’s talk about how to pronounce "Fuqua." It's Fuequa as opposed to Fooqua. Get it? Ok, great! Now take a look at the story of J.B. Fuqua, for... Read More

Q and A With Kim, Part 5

Of the courses offered in the Health Sector Management curriculum, which have you taken or plan to take? For HSM, I did an independent study over two terms. That was a great experience. I designed a... Read More

Q and A with Kim, Part 4

How can I make my mark as a leader at Fuqua? How can I learn more about the school from a student perspective? I have always found the clubs to be a great resource and... Read More

Q and A with Kim, Part 3

A couple more questions that I've received recently from prospective students that I've spoken with: Q: What is it like for spouses/partners/significant others during your time at Fuqua? A: Ah, I love this question, because... Read More

Q and A with Kim, Part 2

Some common questions I get from prospective students include: Q: What is the class structure like at Fuqua? A: I never attended a class as a prospective student, so my first day of class was... Read More