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The Duke-UNC Rivalry Explained

January 29, 2020

Duke's Grayson Allen dribbles toward the basket during a Duke-UNC rivalry game

Eight miles separate Duke from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Battle for Tobacco Road, as it’s known, is one of the greatest rivalries in college sports

How Duke Basketball Helps Shape the Student Experience

February 26, 2019

There is a motto at Duke University and the Fuqua School of Business—work hard, play hard. Sure, our students spend a lot of time working on case studies, but they also spend a…

The Top 10 Reasons I Chose Fuqua

October 23, 2013

If you’re in the process of deciding which school to attend — or even apply to — you probably have a list to help in your selection process. Perhaps it’s a pro/con list,…

My Top Fuqua Memories

September 13, 2013

Apologies for the delay in getting you a blog update. As the last term of Fuqua took over in March and April, I wanted to make sure I took advantage of every last…

It’s the Final Countdown!

July 16, 2013

25 Things I Wish I Knew Before August 1 Hello Class of 2015!! I hope you’re all getting incredibly excited to start a two-year journey of personal growth, academic rigor, and awesome theme…

Sports in Durham

April 30, 2013

I am not a die-hard sports fan by any means, but I enjoy going to sporting events a few times a year, and this was something that I considered when moving to Durham….

Every Day Affirms Why Fuqua Is For Me

October 23, 2012

To get to Fuqua, I had to drive past dozens of business schools (and drive I did, pulling a trailer behind a borrowed Ford F-450 pickup). It was a literal experience, waving goodbye…

From Shanghai to Durham

October 10, 2012

About a year ago, I wandered here to read blog posts, trying to find some clues for my “Why Duke” application essay. Inspired, I ended up writing my essay in a blog format,…

Campout, Part Deux

September 17, 2012

It’s been over a week since Campout 2012, and I still laugh at the awesomeness that is Campout. For those unfamiliar with the event, it’s a yearly tradition and opportunity for graduate students…

Blue Devils “Campout” For Tickets

September 5, 2012

About a year ago, while at a conference in Dubai I ran across a French colleague. He learned that I was about to quit my job to pursue an MBA at Duke. His…

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