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A Day at Fuqua…

I once heard a Fuqua visitor say, “Fuqua seems like an airport. It is always bustling with activity,” to which I immediately quipped, “Perhaps, but busier.” Personally, my 20 academic weeks at Fuqua have been... Read More

A Busy But Good Term

At 9:21 last night, I hit the submit button and turned in my last take-home final and as easily as that, I said goodbye to Fall Term II! After I managed to survive Fall I... Read More

Q and A with Kim, Part 4

How can I make my mark as a leader at Fuqua? How can I learn more about the school from a student perspective? I have always found the clubs to be a great resource and... Read More

A Study in Life

Independent Study has Unexpected Impact Ask any second-year student why they’re glad they came to Fuqua, and unless you make the mistake of asking during finals or final presentations, most of them will probably note... Read More