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A Taste of Durham

I was very skeptical about moving to Durham from New York. But two years later, I don’t want to leave! Of course, I missed the accessibility and 24/7 nature of the Big Apple (my home... Read More

A Truly Global Consulting Experience

At Fuqua we have many options when it comes to spring break. Many of my peers embarked on journeys to tropical climates. There was also a ski trip -- dozens of MBAs descended upon unsuspecting... Read More

A Global Experience in Durham

There are lots of diverse clubs at Fuqua with an international or regional focus, and for the first time, we put our resources together for one week in January. We created Global Week to learn... Read More

It’s Blue Devil Weekend!

You’re in!!! Welcome, Duke MBA class of 2015!!! This weekend, a little over 100 admitted students will be joining us from all over the world for the Duke MBA Blue Devil Weekend (BDW). As the... Read More