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A Record Year for Hiring at Fuqua

December 1, 2019

a collage of 8 photos, each with the alumnus posing with the hiring company's swag or signage

I’ve often told people I feel like I have the best job at Fuqua. As associate dean for career management, I have a front-row view of our tremendously talented students seeking jobs plus direct insight from the companies looking to hire them

Breaking Down First-Year Courses: Fall Term 1

August 23, 2019

three students with laptops out looking at one of them in unison while doing work for a course

So, you’ve read online the names of courses you’ll be taking when you start at Fuqua, but what do they really entail? And how nervous should you be if it’s been five or more years since your last economics exam

Conference Insights: Ten Years from the Bottom

April 2, 2019

more than 100 of the attendees are in view with the stage and speakers in the background; conference insights

If someone asked you to discuss the 2008 financial crisis, your first thoughts may be a recollection of newspaper headlines, textbook passages, or classroom lectures. To Wall Street CEOs however, their thoughts on…

Learning from the Best: Finance Professor Doug Breeden

November 9, 2018

Professor Doug Breeden is a highly respected name in the banking industry and a leading financial mind in the academic space. If you join Fuqua, I highly recommend enrolling in one of his…

Being a Woman at Fuqua is a Beautiful Thing

January 15, 2014

women in business conference

Recently in the media, there has been quite a buzz about being a woman in business school, thanks to the New York Times’ article about Harvard Business School and its policies regarding gender…

Fuqua Focuses More on the Business of Energy

January 6, 2014

As Co-President of the Duke MBA Energy Club and a second-year MBA student with a passion for energy finance, I was thrilled to see two exciting developments occur this past summer. First, energy…

Week-in-Cities with MBA Net Impact Club

January 3, 2014

Many of Fuqua’s student-run clubs organize “Week-in-Cities” trips to different regions of the country to network with businesses and alumni. As a cabinet member of the Net Impact Club, I had the pleasure…

Optional Concentrations Tie Into My Interests

April 12, 2013

Coming into Fuqua, aside from the core class requirements, I planned to take classes that really interested me or would be useful for my upcoming internship and future career. This led me to…

Concentrations: Which to Choose?

January 23, 2013

Concentrations are a funny thing: they are completely optional in most business schools. So, why should we choose one in the first place, and which one(s)? Particularly for prospective students, this may be…

How an International MBA Helps Indian Family Businesses

January 3, 2013

student and dean

One of the management priorities at Muthoot—my family’s business in India—is ensuring that the next generation of leadership has the broad international perspective and the appropriate business skills to continue the successful expansion…

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