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Breaking Down Fuqua’s Health Care Programming

June 28, 2018

a brochure and attendees from the conference, one of Fuqua's health care programming options

When I arrived on campus, I was excited and impassioned about studying health care. But it took some time before I understood the difference between all of Fuqua’s health care programming. So here’s…

3 Impressions from Tech Trek

May 24, 2018

dozens of students on Tech Trek by Microsoft's sign

Ninety of my first-year classmates signed up for Tech Trek and bought tickets to travel across the country during their fall break, with high expectations to learn more about the recruiting opportunities and…

Why I Pursued an MD/MBA Dual Degree

May 18, 2018

The sun sets behind the Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans Center for Health Education, the new home for the Duke University School of Medicine where MD/MBA joint degree students spend a lot of their time

I would not have pictured myself in an MBA program 10 years ago. As an undergraduate chemistry major, I chose to develop my understanding of the world through the lens of science, aspiring to…

Kicking Off Recruiting Season at the Finance Career Intensive

March 5, 2018

Professor John Buley speaking during the finance career intensive

Some of the major highlights of the career search at Fuqua are the informative “career intensive” seminars that take place in September. Among them is the Finance Career Intensive—the marquee event that kicks…

The Ultimate Global Academic Travel Experience

November 2, 2017

students posing in front of a Chinese landmark during the Global Academic Travel Experience

Prior to business school, I had never traveled outside the United States. I came to Fuqua wanting to challenge myself to try new things, and I knew that going on a Global Academic…

Mentored Study: Experience You Can’t Get in the Classroom

October 27, 2017

Mati cans on the fridge shelf, part of my mentored study experience

The field I was in before business school, digital advertising, thrives on the practical. Since it’s only existed for a handful of years, there’s very little theory—it’s all being created by practitioners as…

3 Ways Fuqua is Helping Me Pursue an Energy Career

September 7, 2017

4 Fuqua interns pursuing an energy career posing on a wind farm

When I was applying to business schools, I was searching for a program that would allow me to explore my interest in the connection between businesses and the environment. I wanted to transition…

A Day in the Life of My LinkedIn Internship

August 31, 2017

Name tag, water bottle, and other items from Day 1 of Caroline's LinkedIn internship

Often MBA students are bucketed in two categories: career switchers or career accelerators. After five years with Deloitte Consulting, I had a strong feeling that it was the place for me and I…

Investing in a Week on Wall Street

August 7, 2017

front of the New York Stock Exchange during Week on Wall Street

It’s well known that the best way to get in a cold pool is to jump right in. For aspiring bankers at Fuqua, “Week on Wall Street” is the metaphorical equivalent of jumping…

Finding Yourself Through Recruiting: My Road to Tech

May 15, 2017

Fuqua School of Business Daytime MBA 2017 Graduation Ceremony

An open secret at Fuqua is that for most new MBAs, your past career—and even what you wrote as career goals in your admissions essays—no longer defines where you’re going once you walk through Fuqua’s…