Tag: Spring Break

Africa Makes an Impact

During spring break, I spent 2 weeks in South Africa with 38 classmates. Our trip was part of the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum, which is a 6-credit course. We went to South Africa to meet... Read More

Lessons from Latin America

What an AMAZING trip! I recently got back from my first trip to South America. During spring break, I went there with 25 of my classmates as part of the Global Academic Travel Experience program,... Read More

A Truly Global Consulting Experience

At Fuqua we have many options when it comes to spring break. Many of my peers embarked on journeys to tropical climates. There was also a ski trip -- dozens of MBAs descended upon unsuspecting... Read More

Not an Average Ski Trip

During the second week of Spring Break (yes, we get two weeks off, which is another thing I LOVE about this school!), 40 first-year and second-year students travelled to Park City, Utah, for an annual... Read More

Hello & Hola from Argentina!

I’m in Argentina for spring break! I’m here because I’m participating in a Strategic Planning Practicum, so I’m not just here to relax and bask in the sun. I’m here to work, to learn, and... Read More

Clean Slate

Spring break, it seems, is an exciting time at Fuqua. In just a few minutes at the airport the Sunday after Spring 1 finals, I ran into people traveling to five different continents. After the... Read More