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Networking with Alumni: The Career Search in California

June 17, 2016

our group during a corporate visit where we were networking with alumni

I remember looking at the calendar for the first two terms of school and thinking how great it was going to be to have fall break between them. But one thing that we learn as…

Transitioning from the Peace Corps to an MBA and How Fuqua Helps

August 20, 2015

get togethers like this with my fellow returned Peace Corps volunteers is one way Fuqua helps the transition from Peace Corps to an MBA at Duke

When you meet your new classmates at Fuqua, the usual first question you get is, “where did you move here from?” Although most of my classmates had fairly straightforward answers—Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Buenos…

3 Ways Fuqua Helped Me Transition from Science to Business

August 19, 2015

group photo of students - Duke Daytime MBA alumnus on how Fuqua helped him transition from science to business

I started my career in science prior to attending the MBA program at Fuqua, working as a lab researcher at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland. During that time, I dabbled in…

Transitioning from Public Relations to Fuqua and What I Learned Along the Way

May 7, 2015

The Duke MBA Class of 2016, Section 1

Before starting my last six-week term as a first year student at Fuqua, I had an opportunity to catch my breath during the two-week spring break and reflect on my experience over the…

Making the Most of Elective Classes

January 5, 2015

Professor Shane Dikolli

One of the reasons that I was attracted to Fuqua was because of its shorter, six-week terms and the ability to quickly get an overview of general business concepts before diving into elective…

The Growth of Latin American Recruiting

November 10, 2014

Latin American Students networking after corporate event.

Through the economic growth experienced in the last decade, Latin America has seen an increase in demand for MBAs, and U.S. schools are the main target for applicants. Students from the region have…

From the Moment I Set Foot on Fuqua’s Campus, I Felt the Team – Part One

September 16, 2014

Members of the 2013-2014 MBAA Cabinet express the six paired principles of Team Fuqua

My first visit to Duke University came during Open Interviews in the early fall of 2011. Being a native West Coaster I was hesitant to consider schools in the Southeast. I assumed a…

Indian Student Perspectives: How Business School Can Help You Find the Right Job in the U.S.

March 21, 2014

I have spent the last three years chatting often with potential business school students from India as director of the region for Fuqua. Again and again, I heard candidates say much of the…

A Partner Perspective on Fuqua

March 4, 2014

Visiting Ganyard Hill Farms, October's Fuqua Family outing

The MBA experience is a wild ride. For two short years, students are engulfed in a whirlwind of learning, recruiting, and networking, all in pursuit of their dreams. To ensure success in the…

Consequential Leadership Teams Embody Fuqua’s Diversity

February 14, 2014

Did you know that about 40 percent of Fuqua’s Class of 2015 (440 students) are international? I think this probably makes Fuqua one of the most diverse business schools in the U.S. That…