Treats, food
Some of our goodies.

The Halloween party hosted by the MMS Culinary Connoisseurs Club was a success! Not only were the costumes impressive, but the food provided was some of the most creative I’ve seen.

English muffins decorated like mummies
Pizza mummies!

Two dishes that were my personal favorites: hot dog mummies (hot dogs wrapped in breadstick dough and then baked), and pizza mummies (English muffins cut in half, covered in pizza sauce, with string cheese draped across the top like the wrapping of a mummy and olives for eyes).

We also offered seasonal, cider ruminations and covered the apartment with cobwebs and skulls. It was so much fun, and the first of many MMS Halloween weekend celebrations.

One thing I must say about this group of hard-working, dedicated and enthusiastic students, is that they apply all of their energy to everything they do – whether it be inside or outside of the classroom. That is a characteristic that can’t be taught. With all of our diverse backgrounds, varying interests, and unique aspirations we all know how to get together and make the most of the time we’re sharing here.