One of the MMS professional clubs, the Non-Profit Club, organized an information session last month that was focused on jobs within the social sector. I loved the fact that the speakers spoke about the great variety of paths that one might take to reach a social sector job – be it through corporate social responsibility (CSR), non-profit consulting, public sector/policy work, or NGO involvement.

The presenters did a great job of explaining career opportunities holistically, including how social impact jobs are not limited to traditional not-for-profit organizations. The speakers included career-search superstar Angela Eberts, who is Fuqua’s Associate Director for MMS Career Services, as well as Matt Nash, who heads Fuqua’s Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE), which is one of many awesome centers at Fuqua.

Angela provided a lot of great insight on alternative social-impact careers and ways to explore opportunities through networking and company research. Matt shared with us some ways that previous social entrepreneurs have gained success, and explained unique methods for finding a socially minded career, through innovation and self-motivation.

When I originally decided to come to business school I was really intimated because my ideas and interests were more aligned with social impact work than with finance or banking. I wasn’t sure how my career aspirations would be met. What I’ve realized, however, is that in an environment like Fuqua’s, where I am constantly surrounded by innovative minds, and professors who are experts in their field, there is actually no better place to be. Whatever one’s hopes and aspirations are, whether it’s to start an NGO, or become the CEO of a company, Fuqua has the people and resources needed to guide, encourage, and support that journey.