Group of students
At the MMS-MBA mixer.

Many posts have covered the academic/professional side of the MMS program. It’s equally important to highlight the fact that Fuqua cares about balance, and encourages students to spend time with one another in informal settings. The weeks before winter break included a number of program-sponsored social events including a Caribbean themed MMS-MBA mixer and the MMS Winter Semi-Formal.

The Caribbean inspired MMS-MBA mixer, appropriately dubbed “Island Flavor” was the first organized social between students in the MMS Black Student Association (BSA) and the Black & Latino MBA Organization (BLMBAO). The resounding feedback from the event was. “I wish we’d done this earlier!” The event provided an opportunity for minority students across the two programs to interact and network in a relaxed and informal setting. Food is the universal icebreaker, and in this instance it served as a medium through which MMS and MBA students could form friendships.

Couple at dance
Classmates put on their best for the semi-formal.
Couple at prom
Busting some moves.

Within the same week, the MMS Association hosted the year’s first semi-formal event at a local Durham restaurant, Metro 8. It was a great opportunity for students to dress up and mingle, and it was a more sophisticated prom, in some sense. Some of our professors also joined in the festivities, and brought their respective spouses. It was great to see our professors let loose a bit!