Diversity in MMS & Why it Matters

Every educational institution talks about how diverse they are, and Fuqua is no different. The MMS website says:

So why does this matter, and how will this help you?

Group of students
Some of the nationalities represented in this photo of me and my classmates are: Indian, American, Chinese, South Korean, and Nepalese.

I honestly never thought about the program’s diversity until our strategy class this past term. During every class, we have case assignments that we read and discuss. All the cases are about companies and their strategies and operations outside of the US.

About halfway through the term, I noticed that no matter what product or service we studied, there was always someone who had used or experienced that product or service, or someone from the country of operation. And I’m not talking about giant multinationals that everyone knows about. I’m talking about an eco-friendly hotel in Indonesia, a car manufacturing company in the Czech Republic, an Indian consulting company, and so forth. I am amazed at how someone in our class can always provide an insider’s view on what we are learning!

Another great benefit of the program’s diversity is that there is always someone who can teach you about something that you’re struggling with. I won’t elaborate on this because I already talked about Team Fuqua and how we all help each other through peer tutoring, but having friends from different majors is definitely a great asset.

Overall, the diversity within the MMS program really opens your eyes and gives you perspectives that you haven’t had before. It connects you with people from all over the US, and better yet, all over the world. Not only does this diversity enhance your awareness personally, but also as a businessperson. And I love how we are all different!

Grace Kim

Grace Kim

MMS: FOB, Class of 2012

I graduated from Ewha Womans University in Korea in 2011, with a degree in international studies. Ever since my sophomore year, I wanted .to pursue marketing or advertising. Outside of marketing, I’m obsessed with Arrested Development, McDonald’s, electronic music, Mute Math, iced chocolate, and NOT going to the gym.

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