The MMS Program is Like a Bag of M&Ms

This is my first blog post so I’ll start off with a short introduction. My name is Suejin Ahn; actually, my real name is Rachel, but I prefer to go by my middle name. I went to Duke University for undergrad and was on the Varsity Cross Country and Track teams. I have one more year of eligibility, so I’m able to continue to compete this year while in the MMS program.

Part of the reason I chose the MMS program was because it gave me the chance to compete for the Duke Cross Country and Track Team for one more year. This was not the only reason I chose the program, though. I recently had the opportunity to reflect on this further, for one of my Business Communications assignments. I had to write a speech about why I chose the MMS program. While reflecting on the speech and my decision to apply to MMS, I realized that the program is like M&Ms. Yes, the little candy covered chocolates that come in all different colors. Let me explain … the reasons why I chose MMS are the same reasons why I like M&Ms:

Reason #1: The high quality brand. The M&M chocolate brand parallels the Fuqua brand. Both are globally recognized and highly regarded. Employers from all over the world know the Fuqua brand and understand that they are hiring reliable, high quality candidates. Already having gone to Duke for undergrad, I understand that going to a top tier business school would only lay out more opportunities for my future career.

Reason #2: The diversity within the program. M&Ms are comprised of chocolate candies that are all different colors. Just like the colors of M&Ms, the MMS program is truly diverse, bringing people together from all over the world. This diversity sets up a learning environment that continuously pushes us and allows us to learn from one another.

Reason #3: The opportunities available after the program. There are a wide variety of M&Ms, ranging from dark chocolate M&Ms, to peanut M&Ms, to the newer pretzel M&Ms. I see the types of M&Ms as representative of the job opportunities that will be available to me after MMS. Through the program’s coursework, I’ll be prepared to take on a variety of types of roles in marketing (my interest area), or other business functions.

All of these reasons are why I chose the MMS program; the brand, diversity, opportunities, and the chance to compete athletically for one more year. It just so happened that these reasons coincided with why I enjoy M&Ms. So, you know how they say that life is like a box of chocolates? I think I can go ahead and say that the MMS program is like a bag M&Ms!