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Career discussion panel with Duke MMS alumni

No one goes into grad school thinking that they don’t want a job by the time they graduate. However, the recruiting process is competitive, intimidating, and confusing. Through the MMS program, though, we’ve received a lot of career advice to help us navigate the job search. We had workshops on networking, resume building, and even how to act during formal recruitment events, etc.

Everyone comes to this program from a different background and with different goals, needing individualized guidance, so one of the resources provided are career coaches. There are 3 professional career coaches: Ellen Baker, Helen Crompton, and Madra Britt who help us with elements of our job search. The coaching process started with 3 initial one-on-one sessions during the summer term. After that, we were able to keep in touch through additional appointments and email.

Some of the issues we can talk to career coaches about are:

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Like most of the resources we’re offered at Fuqua, you get what you want out of it. Our career coaches are available to us as much as we need or want. They are a great source of information and have a lot of coaching experience.

When I joined the program, it felt like I was thrown into a sea of new information and before I knew it, fall recruiting season was approaching too quickly. You have to be prepared to jump into recruitment preparation as soon as you get to Fuqua, and that can be overwhelming, so having a career coach as a guide was a relief.

Anu Kumar

MMS: FOB, Class of 2013

I was born in Los Angeles and moved to India when I was 12 where I completed by bachelors in finance. I wanted a more practical business perspective so I returned to the States to complete the MMS degree.

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  • Jash Desai

    Hello Anupama. I am Jash Desai from India & I have applied for the MMS program for the class of 2014. I have a few questions.
    1. When I went through your profile, I learnt that you studied bbm from Christ.
    I ve done my b com from Gujarat University (a similar course).. I would like to know how practical is the MMS program in its approach as compared to the bbm?
    2. Post MMS, how do the Indian students stay connected with the community?
    Is there a separate chapter for India.. Or are there any other efforts made by the school & students alike to reach out & stay connected while the students are in their home countries? My email id is Any help from your end will be most appreciated. Thanks!! 🙂

    • Anupama Kumar

      Hi Jash,
      Thanks for the response, I have sent you an e-mail.


  • Shefeer Shereef

    Hi Anu – thanks so much for writing about the support services available in the MMS program; it really helps prospective students get a better idea of what’s on offer and what all we should be looking out for if we do come.

    I am actually an international student [did my undergrad in the States] considering applying for the 2014/15 program. I’d love to know what the experience/outlook has been like for international students looking at getting job placements within the States. Unfortunately I’ve heard conflicting views on it; the MMS exit stats say one thing but forums elsewhere say another. I was hoping as someone who is in the program and probably has some anecdotal, second-hand experience that might shed some light on it. I understand anyone looking for a job has to work as hard at it as you would for school, but it would be nice to know the ground realities so I can be suitably prepared. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

    If it is alright, you can write back to me at

    Thanks so much yeah; I’ve really enjoyed your posts and have found all of them by others too to be very helpful!


    • Anupama Kumar

      Hello Shefeer,
      Thanks for reading my posts and your recent question. I definitely have first-hand experience with this topic and am happy to respond. Fuqua’s Career Management Center takes the job search for domestic and international students very seriously. We attended career workshops uniquely addressing the international search process as part of the international student orientation before the rest of the MMS students arrived for general orientation. Fuqua emphasizes that they do not do “job placement,” and instead they provide the tools and skills needed for the life-long career and related job searches. International students benefit from the intensive career services that are part of Fuqua’s MMS program, which include testing and assessment, dedicated coaching services, and career-related curriculum. All students benefit from job postings on campus, but are also encouraged to network and pursue opportunities off-campus. The employment stats that are published for both international and domestic alums are accurate and represent the successful employment trends of the MMS program over the past three years.

      Let me know if you have any other questions for me and good luck with your application!

  • LB

    Hey Anu,

    I came across your profile and found some similarities in our background and career aspirations.

    If you can please email me, I can share my queries and thoughts about Duke’s MMS program.


    • Anupama Kumar

      Hi Laila,

      I’d love to help you out, I’ve sent you an e-mail.


  • abhiyan

    I want to get more information about the program Ms. Anu. I hope you will email me more about it on