Blowing Off Some Steam

MMS students
MMS trivia team at Fullsteam.

An important part of being in the MMS program is knowing how to unwind. The program is so fast paced that it’s easy to get swept away by assignments, finals, and the job search. A bunch of my friends and I stumbled upon a great tradition, though.

In our third term, Strategy Professor Michael Roach took us to Fullsteam, a local brewery, founded by Fuqua grad Sean Lilly Wilson. The visit was related to a case study on The Boston Beer Company. Before we walked into Fullsteam, we passed a few food trucks selling delicious smelling food, so right off the bat we knew that we’d be in for a treat. The most striking thing about Fullsteam is the atmosphere. I never thought I’d be able to say this about a brewery, but it has a great family vibe. There’s one room dedicated to the bar, another to arcade games, ping pong and darts, and a third giant room with casual picnic table seating. Everyone is welcome — from babies to pets — to just hang out, enjoy themselves, and maybe even celebrate a birthday.

For luck, we developed a tradition of touching the trivia sheets.

My class was there on a Thursday night, and we discovered that Thursdays just happened to be trivia night, and so, our Fullsteam trivia tradition began. There are usually around 20 or so teams competing for the coveted half-time beers or the winners’ bar tab. Teams get to pick their own ridiculous names and compete in a series of 4 rounds of trivia. Some of the more unique team names include Drawing a Blank, Here for the Beer, Jordy Shore, The God Particle and of course, our rivals, Triple Word Score. The rounds are unpredictable and cover topics from marsupials and presidents to the ‘60s and famous Joes.

As my friends and I returned for Fullsteam trivia week after week, people’s strengths quickly became clear. Anuraag’s specialty is geography, Tim dominates poetry rounds, Siddharth gets Britain and marsupials, and Steph pretty much knows everything about everything.

For the majority of the MMS program, we looked forward to Thursdays as a chance to unwind, and a signal that the weekend was almost here! It’s a ritual that I know we will all miss.

Anu Kumar

MMS: FOB, Class of 2013

I was born in Los Angeles and moved to India when I was 12 where I completed by bachelors in finance. I wanted a more practical business perspective so I returned to the States to complete the MMS degree.

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