Being a student at the Fuqua School of Business is a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding experience. As a student, you will have to manage and prioritize what you want from this 10-month fast-paced, demanding program. Instead of staying up late and sleeping in until the last minute, I decided to embrace the 5 a.m. lifestyle and make the most of my Duke experience in a very subtle yet unique way.

As we enter the most crucial periods of our spring terms, many of us are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of coursework, job search responsibilities, personal interests, and hobbies. For me, classes start at 10 a.m. Waking up at 5 a.m. gives me this extra time to start off my day by getting a head start on my assignments and job search.

I usually like to walk around the Sarah P. Duke Gardens or the Duke Pond to explore the breathtaking views before I start my day at Fuqua. This replenishes me and puts me in the right frame of mind, preparing me for the classes and activities lined up.

a picturesque scene of the sun reflecting on the water
Duke Pond at sunset

As Wednesdays and weekends mean no class for MMS students, my friends and I hit the courts for a morning game of tennis. After an hour of amicable competition, we head to Panera for a well-deserved breakfast.

Becoming a morning person has really changed my perspective on life, and rather than engage in late-night revelry, I prefer to wake up early and plan my day well ahead of time. Quiet mornings with minimal distractions bring out the best in me and I tend to complete all my work earlier in the day.

Looking back at the past few months, I go to bed each night with a sense of contentment. I hope my lifestyle encourages you to consider adopting a similar path and discover the countless benefits every morning has in store for you.

Ekam and three friends posing for a photo
Relaxing with friends at Sarah P. Duke Garden