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4 Things to Know About Our Technology Track in MMS

August 26, 2019

two students looking at a laptop in Fuqua's Fox Center; technology

As the senior associate dean of full-time programs, I am frequently gathering input from students and alumni about their Fuqua experiences and asking recruiters about the skill sets they are seeking

3 of My Favorite Courses

May 24, 2018

a student standing on her desk to emphasize her point during a class discussion in one of my favorite courses

Let’s take a closer look at three courses from the MMS: FOB program that really made an impact on me.  Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis Not sure how many music festival tickets your…

Learning Made Fun by Fuqua’s International Faculty

July 21, 2015

The faculty members who taught us during the MMS program are from all over the world, representing Chile, Mexico, Italy, China and the United States. My classmate, Savannah, has previously written a post…

Fuqua Faculty Keeps Students Engaged

January 28, 2015

During our time at Fuqua, we’ve been instructed by several different professors with varying teaching styles. All of the faculty members at Fuqua are great at what they do, and here are a…

Preparing for Career Success with MMS

October 4, 2013

My favorite part of the MMS: Foundations of Business program is the focus on self-assessment and development. So far, we’ve focused on this in our Business Communications class, as well as workshops on…

What is Team Fuqua?

September 23, 2013

From day one of the MMS: Foundations of Business program, I was sold on Team Fuqua. You can feel it the moment you step on campus. Every student is here for the same…

Top 5 Lessons from Business School

July 17, 2013

1. Don’t Just Accept Everything, Question it First Coming from China, I didn’t see myself as a person with “superb critical thinking” written on my personal brand, and I believed this could become…

Surviving the Last Days of Class

June 7, 2013

What is business school like? It is definitely a bitter-sweet experience. Example? Well, at the end of the program, we juggled a hard-core final project with other exams and lots of end-of-the-year activities….

My Favorite Fuqua Professor — Michael Roach

May 23, 2013

If I asked you what separates a good professor from a great professor, what would you say? Would they make you call them “Oh captain, my captain?” or would it be requisite that…

A True Cultural & Educational Exchange

April 1, 2013

It’s hard to believe that just 9 months ago I hadn’t even met any of my classmates, yet now they’re some of my closest friends. But what’s most interesting to me is how…

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