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My Go-To Restaurants in Durham

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After spending several months in the beautiful city of Durham, North Carolina, I would consider myself extremely qualified to share my expertise on a subject I have studied in great detail: food. When I was... Read More

How Clubs Enhance the MMS Experience

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Besides group meetings, classes and career events, MMS club events are frequent visitors to my Outlook calendar. There are two types of clubs in general, professional and recreational. I like both of them because one... Read More

Eating Well in Durham

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Durham has plenty of great options for restaurants and bars. Duke students have a variety of options to choose from, depending on what they are in the mood for. Pavilion East on Erwin Road is... Read More

Thoughts on Duke and Durham

Duke and Durham are really different from anything I’ve experienced before or expected. As an international student and as a Fuquan, here are some things I’ve experienced and observed since being here that have really... Read More

What’s “Fuqua Friday?”

Fuqua Friday - Delicious dinner and cultural feast

When's the last time you watched a cook off, a dance off, learned about a cultural tradition you'd previously known nothing about, and had dinner with hundreds of people in a casual setting, or some... Read More

Where to Live in Durham

So you’ve decided that the MMS program is perfect for you and now you’re trying to decide where to live. Well, you’ve come to just the right place! I’ll be giving you the ultimate insider... Read More

A View of Ninth Street

Ninth Street is a main attraction in Durham. It’s a strip that has a variety of different restaurants, coffee shops, and eclectic stores. Located close to Duke’s East Campus, I find myself frequenting the area... Read More