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How Clubs Enhance the MMS Experience

Yiyang - Food club 2

Besides group meetings, classes and career events, MMS club events are frequent visitors to my Outlook calendar. There are two types of clubs in general, professional and recreational. I like both of them because one... Read More

Why Duke? Why Fuqua?

Duke. Fuqua. These two words are game changers. Being accepted into a program that is a part of both? That is life changing. Ok, well maybe being accepted into the MMS: Foundations of Business program... Read More

Blowing Off Some Steam

An important part of being in the MMS program is knowing how to unwind. The program is so fast paced that it's easy to get swept away by assignments, finals, and the job search. A... Read More

It’s Flunch Time

Every term we have lunches called “flunches,” which are lunches with faculty members, sponsored by the MMSA (the MMS Association). These lunches serve as a unique opportunity to get to know our new professors outside... Read More

Math Camp Zombies

“Math camp? You’re doing math camp next week?” -- my friend asked in disbelief after hearing that I was about to begin a week-long math review. While choking on my answer, I realized how similar... Read More

Everyone at Fuqua is a Resource

Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities If you haven’t heard already, one of the most amazing things about being at Fuqua is the unlimited access to the “Fuqua network.” It goes without saying that some of... Read More