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My Job Search and How I Landed at PwC

April 18, 2018

looking up at the entrance to Fuqua and the blue sky, Lindsey's job search

The MMS program is a balance, with coursework, job recruiting, and other factors constantly competing as areas of focus. The hard work paid off, and I’m thrilled to have recently accepted a job…

How Students Can Make the Most of Winter Break

August 30, 2017

an MMS student with a Fuqua Career Coach, winter break

After enduring three fast-paced terms, MMS students get a much-needed winter break. Most students are ready to relax, see family and friends or travel, but it’s also an excellent time to focus on the…

8 Tips to Ace Your Admissions Interview

April 6, 2017

An admissions interview room

You worked hard to present your best self to the admissions committee through your MMS application. You spent hours studying for exams, drafting meaningful essays, refining your resume, and working with professors and…

Unrivaled Returns: MMS Starts an Investment Club

May 6, 2016

Investment Club visits Morgan Creek Capital Management

A remarkable ecosystem exists among entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and the financiers who create, fund and unlock business value. Yet that ecosystem often feels like nothing more than a distant theory in a classroom…

Building a Legacy

May 28, 2015

Fuqua's Stop Hunger Now event

As I was approaching the end of the MMS program, I started to reflect on how I spent my time at Fuqua. I looked at my photos that recorded past activities and travels…

Recruiting Season is Busy but Rewarding

March 2, 2015

Two students shaking hands

Since my last post a lot has happened. We are now in our fourth term, and I am all the way across the world in Kunshan, China! Time has really flown by, partially…

Fuqua Helps Build Your Personal Brand

February 4, 2015

Career Ambassadors who serve as liaisons between students, the CMC and on-campus recruiters

At Fuqua, we talk a lot about branding. We’re taught in marketing class that brand equity is one of the most significant advantages a company can have. The Career Management Center takes this…

What is Networking and How does it Help My Job Search?

January 12, 2015

Networking session hosted by Goldman Sachs

If you are pondering this question, you are probably in a stage of your career development where knowing how networking functions will definitely help your long-term career exploration. To me, networking was a…

Career Development Opportunities

November 7, 2014

Our class gain insight from Fuqua alumni during career-specific information sessions

My favorite part of MMS so far is various types of career management services that help students explore or target their dream jobs. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest purposes of paying big money…

Career Advisors for MMS: Welcome to the Network!

October 1, 2014

Student taking notes

When we originally joined the MMS: FOB program, the first goal for many of us was achieving the dream job. We knew that was the ultimate goal, and that the program would help…

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