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How to Become A Student Leader in MMS

May 1, 2020

several dozen students, many of whom are holding lanterns they made, pose for a photo, student leadership

Being a student leader at Fuqua can mean many different things, and a big part of that process in MMS is giving students the space to decide what that means for themselves on an individual level.

What is Team Fuqua?

April 9, 2018

six students seated around a table, collaborating on work embodies the answer to "What is Team Fuqua?"

Team Fuqua. It’s a term you constantly hear in our community. Ask for a definition and a hundred people will tell you a hundred stories to illustrate what it means to them. Synthesizing…

The Value of Athletics at Duke and Fuqua

January 6, 2017

Duke basketball game at Cameron

Under the bright lights of Cameron Indoor Stadium, with an electric atmosphere ignited by the Cameron Crazies, the Duke basketball team defeated Michigan State 78-69 in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge. For many across…

The Foundation of Team Fuqua

August 18, 2016

the winning student team holds up the trophy, Team Fuqua

Fuqua’s learning environment pushes students to hone in on a particular instinct—one that calls for us to draw out each individual’s particular strengths to help a team succeed. This mindset eventually becomes second nature to almost…

Leadership at Fuqua

April 26, 2016

Leadership at Fuqua

We talk a lot about ‘Consequential Leadership’ at Fuqua, and within the MMS Student Association (MMSA), we exhibit it. After our first term, 8 cabinet positions, 3 judiciary positions, and 8 club leadership positions are voted on. Students…

How Duke Basketball Taught Us Lessons in Business

October 27, 2015

Duke Master of Management Studies students at Fuqua get ready for their Duke Basketball Experience

It’s not every day you get to experience Duke basketball firsthand, and especially behind the scenes. And it’s certainly not every day you get to experience this with your friends and fellow classmates….

An Overview of MMS Student Leadership Positions

August 19, 2015

The MMS Association is the student leadership body for the program at Duke Fuqua

Here at Fuqua, students can choose to take on leadership roles at the beginning of their respective programs. The Master of Management Studies program is no different. All students, both from the Foundations…

Q&A with Our Class President


The Duke Basketball Experience - The MMS class president helps energize the student experience

As I mentioned in my overview of the MMS Association (MMSA), there were some changes that resulted in the roles available to my Class of 2015 being slightly different from what is in place for the…

Q&A with MMS Student Leaders


Duke MMS student leaders help organize events for students like this one at a trampoline park

As I mentioned in my overview of the MMS Association (MMSA), there were some changes in the student leadership roles available for my Class of 2015 to what is currently in place for the…

My Career, My Network and My Time at Fuqua

June 1, 2015

Fareed Khan at Fuqua School of Business Master of Management Studies (MMS) commencement ceremony in Cameron Indoor Stadium

What I’m doing professionally Since graduating with the MMS: FOB Class of 2014, I’ve been a consultant with Deloitte Advisory’s Finance and Operations Risk Transformation practice, working primarily with banking and securities clients….

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