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Weekend Excursions: A Refreshing Break from Stress

April 23, 2018

a dozen students get ready for one of their weekend excursions to Hanging Rock State Park.

Life is a balancing act, and perhaps business school recruiting season is one of the most challenging times to manage academic work, the job search, social life, and personal responsibilities. One of the…

My Experience in China with the MMS: DKU Program

February 1, 2017

Tina and a classmate pose for a photo at graduation at the end of the program experience in China

Looking back at my time in the Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University (MMS: DKU) program, the study-abroad experience in China has been the highlight of it all. Many prospective students ask…

How to Make the Most out of Travel During Business School

June 16, 2016

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. - travel during business school

I am a traveler, and being in business school did not stop me from exploring the world outside of Fuqua. However, as a business school student, you need to add something new to your trips—networking!…

Loving Life as a Fuqua Partner

September 17, 2015

Jennifer Taylor, Fuqua partner and wife of a Duke MMS: DKU student

My name is Jennifer and I’m the beautiful wife of Austin, who was an MMS: DKU Class of 2015 student at the Fuqua School of Business. I absolutely loved being a partner of a…

Travel in China Provides Cultural Insight—And a Lot of Fun

August 10, 2015

Duke Fuqua MMS: DKU students travel in China and see the view from Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

A curious fact I learned soon after arriving in China is that what non-Chinese always refer to as the Chinese New Year, is actually called the Spring Festival by locals. The spring festival…

My Career, My Network and My Time at Fuqua

June 1, 2015

Fareed Khan at Fuqua School of Business Master of Management Studies (MMS) commencement ceremony in Cameron Indoor Stadium

What I’m doing professionally Since graduating with the MMS: FOB Class of 2014, I’ve been a consultant with Deloitte Advisory’s Finance and Operations Risk Transformation practice, working primarily with banking and securities clients….

Building a Legacy

May 28, 2015

Fuqua's Stop Hunger Now event

As I was approaching the end of the MMS program, I started to reflect on how I spent my time at Fuqua. I looked at my photos that recorded past activities and travels…

One Last Run Before Graduation

April 29, 2015

Duke MMS students on spring break in Miami

We’re almost there. In a couple of weeks we will have finished our time in the MMS: FOB program at Fuqua. This feels so surreal. Soon we will all be leaving to start…

Cultural Lessons from the Chinese New Year

April 15, 2015

MMS: DKU student experiences the Chinese New Year

Participating in the MMS: DKU program has given me an enriching and rewarding experience both inside and outside of the classroom. We were on campus in Kunshan leading up to the Chinese New…

First Impressions of China in the MMS: DKU Program

April 8, 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015, was not a regular Monday. It was the day I arrived in Shanghai with three of my MMS: DKU classmates. We were all coming from different cities, but we…

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