a woman, masked, holding strings during an exercise at orientation What LEGOs Taught Me About Teamwork During Orientation April 16, 2021 - - The learning begins before students step foot in a classroom ...Read More


students, physically distanced and masked, in a classroom at Fuqua; live case study Turning the Pandemic Into a Live Case Study March 8, 2021 - - I’ve always been interested in the intersection of government and business, and how these interactions compared across different countries, cultures, and political and economic systems.
Duke chapel in the winter; why Duke Why an Executive MBA and Why Duke? February 3, 2021 - - If you’re still deciding whether to get an MBA, ask yourself: What do I want to get out of it? Is the timing right for me? Is the school right for me?
a dozen students sitting for a group photo in India; some of the most rewarding experiences of my life Some of the Most Rewarding Experiences of My Life December 30, 2020 - - The 18 months of the program produced some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only academically but in terms of personal and professional growth.
Charmaine in scrubs and a mask with cannabis plants in the background; career in cannabis How Fuqua Helped Prepare Me for a Career in Cannabis November 16, 2020 - - There is nothing like working in the cannabis industry. Cannabis has its own language, culture, and rhythm. It requires a heightened level of resilience, hustle, and grit if you want to successfully operate in the space.
about 20 of the women in Kate's class that has near gender parity Gender Parity in an MBA: An Empowering Environment September 22, 2020 - - One year ago, I sat surrounded by about 90 fellow students in a Fuqua lecture hall in Durham. A slide was flashed across the screen with demographics of the cohort, proudly announcing that our Global Executive MBA Class of 2020 represented the highest ratio of women in any previous GEMBA class at Fuqua.