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Hey, what’s up with the (*)?

Dan McCleary, Director of Admissions for Executive MBA Programs

If you have landed here you are probably interested in learning more about how you pursue an MBA while keeping a full-time job. You are likely also interested in what those options look like at... Read More

Was the Duke MBA Worth It?

Me with a few classmates posing during graduation

Yes, and not just for the reasons you think. Going beyond business, it taught me some surprising life lessons. My classmates and I graduated a few months ago as proud MBAs. We kept our full-time... Read More

Health Sector Management Around the World

Duke's Fuqua School of Business offers a unique program for those interested in health care—the Health Sector Management (HSM) Certificate. The HSM Certificate supplements the MBA curriculum with additional courses in health care to prepare students for... Read More

3 Reasons I Chose Fuqua

chose Fuqua

I have never questioned if I should complete an MBA, it was merely a matter of when and where it would take place. Like most people who have a tendency to be overly organized, I began... Read More