about 20 of the women in Kate's class that has near gender parity Gender Parity in an MBA: An Empowering Environment September 22, 2020 - - One year ago, I sat surrounded by about 90 fellow students in a Fuqua lecture hall in Durham. A slide was flashed across the screen with demographics of the cohort, proudly announcing that our Global Executive MBA Class of 2020 represented the highest ratio of women in any previous GEMBA class at Fuqua. ...Read More


Alexander with his 3 children; work-life balance Does Work-Life Balance Exist During an Executive MBA? August 14, 2020 - - In April 2019 I moved with my wife and two kids from Trinidad and Tobago to the U.S. That May I enrolled in Fuqua’s Global Executive MBA program. In June my partner and...
3 farmers looking at seedlings; career transition How Fuqua Was Instrumental in My Career Transition July 30, 2020 - - Early in the first residency, the associate dean of Executive MBA programs and the Fuqua Career Management Center imparted keys to success in the Global Executive MBA program.
three students sitting around a table during one of their MBA team meetings Making the Most of MBA Team Meetings July 24, 2020 - - Meetings are absolutely vital to connecting with your Duke MBA team and tackling projects and assignments. However, the tendency is to overuse meetings and create them when they're not necessary. The guidelines below will help you have effective team meetings and keep everyone concretely on-task and driving towards their MBA goals.
dozens of students seated in Geneen Auditorium with eyes on the on-stage presenter; how to stay ahead in an executive MBA program How to Stay Ahead in an Executive MBA Program February 5, 2020 - - Working a full-time job, working with your team, managing personal responsibilities, and getting an MBA at the same time is not for the weak-hearted. It takes grit and resilience to get through an executive MBA program—but the right mechanisms, habits, and tools are the key differentiators between success and failure.
15 students pose in front of an Alicorp sign with Alicorp swag bags in hand; start an MBA Why I Chose to Start an MBA October 8, 2019 - - Why do an MBA? What's in it for me? What can I get out of it? These were questions I asked myself before I started the Global Executive MBA program at Fuqua in 2017