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3 Key Learnings from the Program

the entire class in business attire in the JB Duke Hotel lounge for a group photo; key learnings

As my MBA journey recently came to a close, I got to reflect on my time with Fuqua. After traveling in four different continents with my cohort of more than 110 classmates, I continue to... Read More

Are MBA Case Competitions For You?

A screenshot from the WebEx we used to collaborate during case competitions

Admittedly, consulting is a popular and well-explored career in business schools. Experience in consulting can be powerful: you gain multi-disciplinary and cross-functional exposure while working on strategic C-suite problems in various industries. So how do... Read More

What is Team Fuqua?

six students seated around a table, collaborating on work embodies the answer to "What is Team Fuqua?"

Team Fuqua. It’s a term you constantly hear in our community. Ask for a definition and a hundred people will tell you a hundred stories to illustrate what it means to them. Synthesizing these stories,... Read More

10 Things I Learned in the Program

Students around a dining table, things I learned in my MBA program

This blog was written prior to the Cross Continent MBA program merger with the Global Executive MBA program.  Choosing to pursue an MBA is a life-altering decision. It usually involves spending quite some time looking at... Read More