This blog was written prior to the Cross Continent MBA program merger with the Global Executive MBA program

Part 1 of the blog can be read here.

Bhane: An Up-and-Coming Fashion Brand, Designed in India for a Global Market

Part of the excitement of the corporate visit to Shahi Exports in New Delhi was learning about the new hip minimalist brand being launched by the owners: Bhane (pronounced bah-nay).

Shahi is a family-run business, and the two sons of the owners, rather than resting on their laurels, have each taken on great endeavors to further the Shahi brand and its global reach. Anant, the younger of the two, is leading the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts, which includes an impressive campaign aimed at empowering women at Shahi (as detailed in part 3 this blog). Anand, the oldest brother, has taken on the challenge of launching the aforementioned global fashion brand. Launching your own company is a grueling task as it is, but no one would argue that entering the fashion industry is easy. Clearly, an entrepreneurial spirit runs through this family.

As Anand presents the brand, an image quickly forms in my mind. The brand is hip, young and western. Marketing campaigns include big parties and in-store ice cream socials. The bags in which you proudly carry away your merchandise are made of leftover bits of cloth fused into one piece.

Actually, everything about the brand screams hipster. Anyone who knows me knows I’m anything but a hipster, but I’m so inspired by Anand’s drive and commitment that I don’t care. I need to visit this store. And aside from the personal preferences, it’s a great business decision: what better target market for an up-and-coming fashion brand than young dynamic people always looking for something new and different?

Adding to our excitement about the brand is Anand’s mention that he has just returned from New York City where he was looking for a store front on Fifth Avenue—the epicenter of U.S. fashion. Well, it’s decided, I just have to be among the first to own Bhane clothes.

Duke Fuqua Cross Continent MBA students gain unique business insight at Shahi Exports
We were presented some of Bhane’s products

On one of the few free evenings during our packed residency, we decide to track down the store and do some shopping. I’m not quite sure what I expected, but when we walk in, somehow I’m not surprised. Perfectly fitting to the simplistic business model, the store is neatly organized and minimalist. The clothes are equally minimalist, yet they still appeal to me, despite my typical high-heeled sheath dress look.

It doesn’t take us long to find looks we like, and we all make our way to the register to pay. I am now waiting impatiently for warmer days back home in Zurich to wear my new skirt. Or maybe I’ll have to inaugurate it during our next residency in Istanbul!

Now it’s up to you—will you be one of the first owners of a Bhane garment? Keep your eyes open for the new store front on Fifth Avenue in New York!

Part 3 of the blog can be read here.