This blog was written by a Cross Continent MBA student prior to the program’s merger with the Global Executive MBA program. 

Fuqua provides some phenomenal snacks and cuisine while Cross Continent MBA (CCMBA) students are in class residencies. With the buffet breakfasts, all-encompassing Fox Center cafeteria lunches, and per diem dinners—during which you are able to go out and explore the city—you are fed as well as if you were back at your parents’ house.

The cherry on top however, is the break room at Fuqua. A room of food that makes you feel like you’re Scrooge McDuck (if he preferred to swim in food instead of money, of course), assures you that you won’t have to waste time figuring out what to eat between classes or study sessions.

Going rogue and without any input or criteria beyond “I like them,” here are the rankings of CCMBA break room snacks from Term 1 in Durham. Please note: I am a vegetarian and I don’t eat meat but definitely know what tasty meat looks like, so I think you’ll find this makes my rankings objective.

  1. chocolate covered espresso beans, break room snacksDumplings. Don’t even think of calling these pillows of happiness pot stickers since these are the real deal.
  2. Quesadillas. Ate a whole case of ‘dillas, if you know what I mean. #dadjokes
  3. Burritos. Didn’t use my dinner per-diem for two nights because of these little bundles of joy.
  4. Stuffed mushrooms. Pretty well known fact that adding cheese inside anything is a good thing.
  5. Egg rolls. The most Guy Fieri of the snack foods.
  6. Breakfast sammies. Not sandwiches, sammies.
  7. Montecristo sandwich. Is this named after the Dumas novel?
  8. Pizza. With the all the food and long hours things began to blur, but there were pizza wraps or pizza rolls at some point? Right?
  9. Chocolate covered espresso beans. These basically made you like Bradley Cooper in “Limitless.”
  10. Bacon. ‘Merica.
  11. Hummus & pita bread.
  12. gummy bears and trail mix, break room snacksCrepes.
  13. Quiche.
  14. Biscuits & gravy. Southern delicacy but you better keep that and other food far from Katherine Schipper’s accounting classroom.
  15. Bagels with cream cheese. Every. Day.
  16. Fruit.
  17. Rice Krispy Treats. (+1 for crushed Butterfinger/chocolate sauce)
  18. Cliff Bars. Felt like a squirrel always grabbing these to put in my backpack for later.
  19. Soups.
  20. All other food.
  21. Meat & cheese tray.