In the Career Management Center (CMC), we know that each student’s career journey is different, including the reasons that led to the selection of the Global Executive MBA program. Therefore we offer a variety of career-related programs and services that allow us to tailor our approach to address your specific needs and situation.

We will go the distance to bring career services to you. Whether you live across the country, across the globe, or locally, we will connect with you where you are.  You will have the option to meet in person during residencies and by phone or Zoom during distance learning periods and breaks in between terms—whatever it takes to accommodate your busy schedule and location.

Here are some of the questions we’re often asked about how our CMC team works with executive MBA students.

What types of programs are offered?

The programs we offer both in-person and virtually include:

  • Company information sessions
  • Alumni panels
  • Career topic video modules—resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, networking
  • Subject matter expert webinars
  • Live streaming and recordings of sessions offered on campus in Durham
  • Interview practice sessions for case and behavioral interviews

How does career coaching work?

  • Simply contact our team whenever you are ready to work with a coach—whether during the program or after graduation
  • You are paired with a career coach based on your background, interests, and goals and their availability

What exactly do the coaches help with?

  • Set the direction of your career, recognize opportunities, and weigh options
  • Facilitate connections to build your network
  • Review your resume, LinkedIn profile, outreach emails
  • Provide interview preparation, help with salary negotiations, offer professional development
  • Encourage you to step out of your comfort zone
  • Provide open and honest feedback
  • Navigate campus and open market opportunities
  • Support you in taking calculated risks to achieve the career change you are seeking

How do I maximize my experience with the CMC?

  • Attend events and sessions
  • Be realistic about the time needed to make a career change
  • View your coach as a partner in your journey
  • Stay in touch

Remember, wherever you are in your career journey, the CMC team and coaches can serve as a valuable asset and trusted partner. You’ll be doing the driving, but we’ll be providing the fuel along the way.